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GIA Fashion Show // International Men’s Show

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When: Saturday, November 21st at 2:00 PM SLT
GLANCE International Agency presents “The International Men’s Show”
— The Designs of Bellisima, Brocade Tiger, Fleur de Lys, Ora Trei
and Shiki with Hair styling by Lollipoz —
GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is proud to present “The International Men’s Show,” in honor of International Men’s Day (11/19), this Saturday, November 21 at 2:00 PM SLT on the Main GIA runway.
The Man Show will showcase an eclectic array of men’s fashions from Bellisima, Brocade Tiger, Fluer de Leys, Ora Trei and Shiki, with hair provided by sponsor LollipopZ Hair Styles.
The GIA main Stage will be converted into a cool and comfortable men’s club to accentuate the incredible scope of some of SL’s finest men’s fashions ranging from period pieces to kilts and everything in between. Please plan to join us for an afternoon of raucous style and fun.
Showcasing these amazing designs will be some of the hottest guys in SL, GLANCE Top Models: Seth Diabolito, Burningbright Nightfire, Lorenz Hax, Mangosio Lohner, Tesan Lane, Seph Ishelwood and Andreas Barrowstone take the stage.
About Bellissima:
Bellisima, by Elle74 Zaftig creates unique mens & women’s fashions. Noted for creating mens kilts and ensembles utilizing nearly every known tartan. From formal to period, from the Hebrides to the Highlands, Bellisima is certain to have your clan in stock and ready to roam the moors. Richly textured, incredible attention to detail and a keen fashion sense characterize not only Elle’s fabulous array of kilts but the formal, casual and urban-chic men’s and women’s styles found in this boutique.
For more more information please visit Bellisima in-world at the SLURL below:
About Brocade Tiger:
Founded in 2007 by model and designer Lexi Vargas, Brocade Tiger makes an unique line of men’s and women’s clothing. Designer Lexi Vargas creates fashions that are as glamorous and sexy for men as women’s fashions are for females. Noted for the rich textures and brocade fabrics used it its designs. Brocade Tiger is quickly becoming a staple in the wardrobes of fashionable men across the rid. Inspired by his special Muse, Lexi enjoys making his visions for fashion a reality in Second Life.
For more information about Brocade Tiger, please visit the main shop of the company website at the addresses below:
About Fleur de Lys:
Founded in 2008, Fleur de Lys (FDL) is an outgrowth of the creative mind of Sanders Beaumont. Noted for amazing period pieces, that are typically sold as full outfits that include everything from head-to-toe, but that also mix and match incredibly well allowing for a range or personalized interpretations of these beautiful baroque and rococo fashions. The amazingly detailed and intricate designs match perfectly the fashion styles of 17th & 18th Century European fashion. Sparked by his desire for appropriate attire in many role-play sims, Sanders has been captivated by the ability to create designs that are limited only by ones imagination. Sanders send his deepest thanks and gratitude for the support of his many friends and admirers of his men’s & women’s fashions.
For more information check out Fluer de Lys online or at the main store in-world. You can also follow FDL a on Facebook by simply searching “Sanders Beaumont” or “*FDL*”
About LollipopZ Hair Styles:
The creation of Zeev Dinzeo, LollipoZ Hairstyles creates a wide range of hairstyles for men and women. Born out of a desire for new and challenging creative outlets in SL, Zeev created her own hair textures as the basis her fabulous styles. These unique hair texture allow LollipopZ to create an individual look and singular style in her hair and to create colors and highlights not normally found in other salons. Blending drama and style, classics and cutting edge, a hint of color and a splash of pizzaz, Zeev is pushing the boundaries of her own creativity and style.
Zeev loves to spoil her customers and is known for frequently surprising her loyal following with little gifts. As a way to say thank you to her many fans, Zeev often provides a free color pack from one of LollipoZ top selling styles every month for customers enrolled in the LollipopZ group.
For more information visit LollipopZ main shop at the SLURL below:
About Ora Trei:
Stunning haute couture designs are just one of the many fabulous fashion styles which Ora Trei Designs is known for. Since the opening of their doors, in February 2009, Ora Trei Designs has been busy making a name for themselves. Recently, the gorgeous fashions of Ora Trei were featured on the esteemed MODA Spotlight which aired live on TreetTV. The owner of Ora Trei Designs, Potnia Theas, is no stranger to fashion. In real life she is an avid fan of fashion related shows and movies. When Potnia joined SL she brought her love of fashion with her and created a clothing line known as “Urban Funeral” which included Urban Gothic and Harajuku themed clothing. Eventually, Potnia decided she wanted something more couture and that is when Ora Trei Designs was born. Ora Trei means 3 o’clock in Romanian and Potnia chose the name as a reference of time and trinity…”perseverance, patience, and practice”, all of which are fitting to Potnia’s personality and outlook on her business.
For more information about Ora Trei, please visit the main shop of the company website at the addresses below:
About Shiki
For designer Shinichi Mathy, the philosophy behind the Shiki Designs brand is based on one simple idea: Shinichi designs clothes that he would love to wear. Inspired by his own life experiences rather that real life fashion trends, Shinichi expresses himself through his Shiki Designs in very personal ways. Memories of growing up in Hawaii and the bustle of Tokyo life influence the colors and textures, while Shinichi's sense of whimsy combines traditional looks with savvy, modern designs. Detailed prim work, subtle sculpts, and the most delicate of texturing are trademarks of Shiki Designs and that craftsmanship is clearly represented in the designs you see today
For more information visit the Shiki main shop or visit Shiki online at the address below:
About GLANCE International Agency:
GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Life™ based fashion public relations agency. Our agency offers modeling career development, unique fashion center, international fashion-oriented publications, style consultation, fashion-related photography and graphics, fashion designers promotion and fashion events coordination.
GLANCE International Agency, since its inception, in 2008 by founder and CEO, Patty Cortes, has the driving vision of becoming the best for our fashion-centric production and public relations services. Innovation, insightful comprehension of our industry, and a thorough demand for perfection have driven the agency's success which will always act as our future foundations. Our strength lies in the hands-on premiere services that we provide at a high professional level to maximize our clients' style exposure.
GLANCE International Agency fashion team is composed of professionals from the industry, including fashion stylists, public relations agents, style writers, video producers, catwalk set designers, photographers and graphic experts who are plugged into the fashion media scene. We also take the initiative to constantly liaise with Second Life™ fashion trend-setters and opinion makers such as TV producers, magazine editors and fashion bloggers who assist in establishing maximum credibility for a brand. With backgrounds in sales, marketing design, public relations and journalism, our breadth of knowledge and contacts unrivaled in the industry which place us in the distinctive position of being true brand consultants.
Patty Cortes
Founder & CEO
GLANCE International Agency

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