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GIA Shop Review / I Love Olive

Posted in MV-SL-Fashion @ 8:36 pm on February 15th, 2010 by Natasja Schumann | 19 views

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I love olive copy

Hiya all! Sorry for the lack of updates from me. But don't you worry; I’m back now and there will be more updates coming your way from now on! YAY! First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day at the same time. Both fall on the same day this year :) Oh let's see, today I have a shop review for you to catch up with! Woot! I came across this shop after a friend told me about it. So I decided to drop by and check the place out. As you know I am addicted to hairs, (can't remember how many hairs I have now…uncountable LOL), so I decided to give this shop a visit.

To my surprise, it has the cutest hairs I have ever found here in Second Life. Some of them are unique and some are quite perfect for what I really want for myself. Plus, not to mention, the hairs are affordable as well!

I love olive copy-1

The latest design are located under the tree so you can't miss them. Look above, this the latest design for now, which has various colors packs and also not to mention, fat pack.

I love olive copy-2

It comes in various colors and designs that you can choose from. Not to mention, you can even try the demo before you decided to buy it. It also comes in a fat pack of which the price, as I said, is perfectly affordable.So what is you waiting for? Come on down to I love Olive hair store right now! By the way, I did buy quite a few of their designs for my ever-growing inventory 😉

~ Natasja Schumann

SURL: I Love Olive

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