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GIA Store Review // barbee

Posted in MV-SL-Fashion, Store Review @ 5:35 pm on January 30th, 2010 by janaina.delvalle | 33 views

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Happy weekend GLANCE fashionistas. I have a great store for you today. It is small, and I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon it, but it is absolutely exciting. At barbee you will find some extraordinary outfits that are perfectly made.

The store is found on the DEVOL shopping sim, which has a lot of great stores for both men and women. But barbee is found in it’s own corner. The dark streets create a heavy and edgy ambiance. The store is spacious with a lot of room and a few items on the wal. The first thing that really grabbed my attention is the first wall when you walk in. It has a bunch of casual clothes. The t-shirts are unisex but they have some seriously amazing designs for your more casual kick back days. There are also some great accessories such as suspenders in a multitue of colours. And lastly on this wall, there are some lingerie pieces. They don’t all really go together, I know…but the store is small.

Throughout the rest of the store there are some cute outfits as well as single pieces that you can mix and match with your wardrobe. There are some beautiful skirts and complete outfits that can be found, mostly in black or white. There are some great micro shorts with ruffles, and in interesting set of capris for those of you fashionistas who are partial to frills and ruffles. If you want to add an interesting twist to your wardrobe, check out barbee.

<3 JanaD Taxi: barbee

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