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GIA Store Review // DeeTaLez

Posted in MV-SL-Fashion @ 4:59 am on January 20th, 2010 by admin | 18 views

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Today I'm going to show you a store named DeeTalez which I have been working with the owners, Steffi Villota and Dark Hennesy since 2007. Have you heard of FreeSoul? Well, it started as Freesoul, known as Premium Urban by Secondlife Fashion bloggers, is the most obvious place to go if you need casual street wear that borders on Haute Couture.

The store is located on DeeTalez’ sim which I have been visiting since the day it was reopened with the new brand name.

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It all started in 2007, where the first Freesoul was born and was rebranded to DeeTaLez in 2009, when creators Steffi Villota and Dark Hennesy decided to take their Second Life company into the real world. Since their meagre beginning, the now-very popular store has gone from strength to strength, constantly finding new ways and styles for improvement.

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As soon as you enter one of the many small stores scattered about their sim, you can tell that the store is dedicated to and all about your everyday casual person. Almost every piece of clothing at DeeTaleZ disposal is in a very chic, casual street style. Each clothing has a distinct Hip-hop-like style, mixed with an urban touch, one that has been apparent in their work from the very beginning.

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Not content with only making very stylish casual clothes for avatars, DeeTaleZ also has a growing reservoir of skins. These skins possess the same good quality as their clothes, and have that distict street look which the store has become so popular for. In fact, DeeTaleZ has everything an avatar needs, scattered about the many small stores in the sim. From clothes and skins, to shoes and even jewelry, DeeTaleZ is a shopper’s wet dream.

~ Natasja Schumann

SURL: DeeTalez

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