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GIA Store Review // Heart & Sole

Posted in MV-SL-Fashion @ 2:36 pm on January 18th, 2010 by admin | 23 views

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“Shopping is the way to a woman’s heart” is the first thing that crosses my mind as I enter the store appropriatly named Heart & Sole. Entering from the cold outsides of the Heart & Sole region, you immediately feel at home, with warm wooden flooors and subtly decorated store space.

The store is surrounded by a few other stores that are from other designers. I got to know about this store, when I was looking for a specific boots which I have found here.


Heart & Sole is one of those lesser known shoe stores in Second Life, but the creator Bijoux Lefavre can hardly be blamed for that. New content appears in the store regularly enough to warrant a steady amount of re-visits to this store.


And do not make the mistake of thinking that this store only makes one type of shoes. Oh no, you’d be sorely mistaken. Heart & Sole has something for every girl, from high-heels that are only the bare minimum of a shoe, to boots that seem to reach almost up to your waist, like the two gorgeous examples above.


Something must be said for the quality of Heart & Sole shoes, in comparison to their relative price range. Sure, Heart & Sole is not among the super-quality group of stores in Second Life, but then again you won’t have to drain your wallet to buy shoes from there either. Heart & Sole are a very affordable luxury, while still maintaining a really good quality to their creations.

While initially appearing as yet another mid-range shoe store in the vast Second Life landscape, you could do far worse with your time than giving Heart & Sole a chance and look a bit closer. There is something for just about every female avatar in here, and the perfect blend of quality and affordability ensures that this store will be a mainstay location for many. So what are you waiting for?

~ Natasja Schumann

SURL: Heart&Soul

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