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GIA Store Review // Kalnins

Posted in MV-SL-Fashion, Store Review @ 12:47 am on January 23rd, 2010 by admin | 29 views

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Hello around the world. I’ve got another great store review for you today. I love bringing a wide variety of stores to you all. This includes not only clothes stores, but shoes and accessories. And today, I’ve got another treat. The plus side is that it will appeal to both men and women! Continue reading to read a bit about Kalnins if you haven’t already been there!

Kalnins is not big in size, but it offers a nice variety of great shoes and accessories. There is a nice selection of women’s shoes that range from prim toed heels, to ankle boots, and recently winter boots. The sculpties and textures of these shoes are extremely well done and high end. However, the best part about these shoes is that you can get 12 shoes in one buy. The easy to use HUDs allow you to change colours of the main portion of the shoes, the accents, and so on. It makes the shoes perfect for matching to just about any outfit.

Kalnins is also, in my opinion, one of (if not) the best male’s shoes offerend in SL. Their selection range from casual to formal type shoes. The styles also range from sophisticated to hip for the males. I particularly love the textures, as they are vivid and well done. I can’t imagine a suit looking any better than with one of these leather shoes.

Lastly, Kalnins has an incredible selection for shades and watches. The watches are for males and look as expensive and glamourous as a new Rolex. I actually found this store when searching for sunglasses. Now, I must own three or four sunglasses, all from Kalnins. There are several selections of sunglasses that are at the pricier end which include a HUD for adjustments. However, there are also nice affordable ones that blow me away. The reflection on the glasses are perfect, and the accents in the frame designs are chic.

Head over to Kalnins for the perfect finishing touches to your outfits!

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