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GIA Style Alert / Diram

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion @ 6:32 am on January 30th, 2010 by Natasja Schumann | 25 views

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diram copy

Hello everyone! Today I am presenting to you Diram! Yes, do you remember it well enough? Oh yes, Diram is having its opening today with the new and scandalous outfits, which you just have to go and grab! I got these outfits from djod Karu one day and decided to post them up before the grand opening.

Yes, you can only get a hold of it at the grand opening at the earliest! It will be at 1pm today! Yay!

diram-1 copy

Ok, without wasting any time, I will present to you the first outfit of the batch! GRACE Attire-white. Oh yes, the name says it all. It comes with a pair of lacey leggings, as well as hat that comes with options of masked or unmasked versions. It’s also very seductive, it would be a good choice if you feel like surprising your boyfriend. I matched it with shoes from Bax – Black and hair from Maitreya – Piper (charcoal).

diram-2 copy

Next is the NOA Attire-red. Red is my favorite color, by the way, and I really love how the texture of this outfit is designed. I’ve mixed it with shoes from Bax leather boots (Red), while the hair is from Truth – Joana (chocolate).

diram-4 copy

Here is another stunning outfit from Diram. It is called SASHA Attire-green. So far this is my favourite outfit! I love the colour green too. I matched with hair from Fri – Deena (Delighted Blonde) and shoes from .*Courtisane*. Allumeuse Boots (olive).

diram-3 copy

And last but not least AMEL Attire-white. The cutest outfit of the bunch! I matched it with hair from Fri – Joanna 2 (Thoughtful) and shoes from Bax Leather Boots (white). It comes with two versions; either with the stocking or without. I would say that they both are equally great!

Diram are having a launch party today to celebrate the opening. It will be held at the Chez Pat region (SLurl: at 1pm SLT today! Make sure to be there, as it’s definitely going to be quite a party! I can hardly wait for it myself!

~ Natasja Schumann

Outfits: DIRAM
Hair: Fri, Maitreya, Truth
Shoes: BAX, *Courtisane*

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