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GIA Style Alert // * REDGRAVE * Ashley2 Skin

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Hello everyone. I have the new Redgrave skin to show you all. I’m terribly sorry that its taken me so long to post this. I had meant to do this sooner. But I have been busy, sick and dealing with family issues. Anyways…. on with the style alert!

I think that everyone in grid is a fan of Emilia Redgrave. She is a seriously talented designer here in Second Life. Her skins are highly detailed and amazingly realistic. Of course the Ashley2 skin that I’m wearing today is no exception.

Ashley2 really has something for everyone. Every piece is breathtaking. Some of the make-up options are clean and innocent, like the “grey” color. Others are the perfect compliment for a romantic night with your partner, like the “Summer”. SOME are runway ready, perhaps the “Peacock”. I recently used the “NiteFeast” skin to pull together a chic, yet very edgy look during a fashion show. I’m not kidding you when I tell you I was getting so many compliments on the look.

Ashley2 comes in a total of 12 different makeup options. She is available in the Redgrave store right now in Pale and Tan. Tattoo Layer eyebrows include Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. Tattoo Layer hair bases are also included. Hurry down to Redgrave today and pick yourself up a bundle of this gorgeous high quality skin.


P.S. I just want to remind everyone that I edit my photos. Its something I enjoy doing and hopefully something you enjoy seeing. ALWAYS try demos before purchasing anything. For this post – I have edited the Polaroid picture + the two body pictures. I have left the facial pictures with the makeups raw for you.
Also, I have previous blogs using this skin if you would like to view them HERE and HERE

Skin: *REDGRAVE* [BUNDLE] Pale & Tan Skin Ashley2 By Emilia Redgrave. Polaroid Picture is makeup “Red” ( in Pale )
Hair: W&Y 113 By yukitan Farrjones & Body Pictures – Other pictures –LoQFrappe in Light Brown By Gia Pawpad
Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE* 16- Elemental By Viola Leigh.
Eyes: *REDGRAVE* *REDGRAVE* PythonGreen By Emilia Redgrave.

– As always. Bigger pictures on my flickr page

PPS – I almost forgot this sexy SELDOM BLUE lingerie I’m wearing is available Here for only 1L!

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