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GIA Style Card // Miamai BlackLabel

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Alert @ 5:11 am on October 2nd, 2010 by Natasja Schumann | 89 views

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Hi everyone! I’m back, and today I’m bringing my husband Haakon with me to showcase a couple of outfits for you. For this blog post, I’ve got my hands on a female and a male outfit from Miamai, still warm from the sewing machines. Miamai have just released their new BlackLabel collection, and both Haakon and I got our new outfits from it!

Haakon_n_Natasja45 copy

I’m wearing Monarcha from Miamai’s BlackLabel, lovingly designed by Monica Outlander. It is a very sexy ballgown, with a low cut around the chest and no straps over the shoulders, giving a daring and enticing look. Also part of the outfit is the hat, which I really like, cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hat quite like it in SL. With this outfit, I’m wearing Stiletto Moody’s Bare Jayne (Black), and jewelry from [MANDALA] called Takara Bangle White Stone. And you might notice that I am also wearing black nail polish; it’s Nail Candy (Onyx) from :::Sn@tch:::.

Next to me, Haakon is wearing his new outfit, called Lulu, also from Miamai’s wonderful BlackLabel collection. He has chosen to style his sexy trench coat and jeans with the Janova shoes from Kalnins Footwear, and the Dark Yakuza tattoo from Garden of Ku. He too is wearing black nail polish to match my own, though his is from Miamai, and is called Miamai_Enamel Type A Black 01. To match with his rugged, tough guy-look, he’s wearing hair from “FA” Solid Wave[Amber Brown].

This is just a small teaser of what the amazing new collection from Miamai is packing, so make sure you don’t miss out! There are a lot of gems here for those who know what to look for!

Stiletto Moody

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  1. Haakon Schumann says:

    Very cool blog post baby! I think we look really cool together when we were these outfits 😉

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