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GIA Store Review // Aitui

Posted in Store Review @ 8:51 pm on December 17th, 2009 by admin | 29 views

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Today store review is on one of the most well known clothing store in Second life. Aitui

Aitui is a store that presents a variety of products, including skins, eyes, hair, and many more. Its style cocmpared to the other stores I have previously reviewed is different.

While most of the clothing of the shops I have presented before have clothing for the more “Greek God” body fit, Aitui's clothing are for the more realistic body shapes. Let's face it, not everyone in real world has the body of Michelangelo’s monumental David. But still with a little adjustment, all of the clothing should be able to fit everyone.

When first arriving at Aitui, you will notice the prim block above which will also appear in many parts of the store. This is the Directory of Aitui; the gadget will help you navigate through the store and its many part. It gives out landmark and teleport you to the different part of the store according to where you click.

On the landing point where you start, to the left, you will find Aitui's line of hair, this is a relatively new line of product and the variety of styles are still every limited but the color pallet is very extensive.

One of the best product I personally recommend is the Conjuer skin line. The skin is well detailed and comes in 5 tones. At the store they presented 3 looks that you can use as a guide on what you might be able to achieve with this skin.

Another product that is particular to the store are their ear plugs, these are unique in second life, they only fits in the prim ears that are also sold in the store but separately. The ear plugs comes in a big variety of designs and also the rims are changeable for the many different looks you might need. The ears comes both in normal shape or pointy elf looking shape.

Aitui also has an extensive line of tattoos for the different parts of the body including somes facial tattoos.

Of course, the traditional products are also available at the store including accessories like bags and scarf as well as clothing items which are all perfectly textured.

I hope everyone will find this review of the store helpful and until next time.


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