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GIA Store Review // Artilleri

Posted in Store Review @ 10:56 pm on December 18th, 2009 by admin | 9 views

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I am a big movie fan. I have watch countless movies, including some classic like Star Wars, Schindler’s List, The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption and even Grease. Why am I mentioning all these? Because today we are presenting the a store that has a retro theme, Artilleri.

When I first heard of the name Artilleri back in my newbie days, I thought it would be a military theme brand, camouflage pants, helmets, guns and bullets everywhere, but to my surprised, I couldn't be more wrong. The Store is of a retro theme and very color full too.

The store is completely theme as a retro dinner, every unique and detailed, even with classic car models, houses and trailers around the sim but not even the store, the products are also of a retro theme and of a big variety, including skins, tattoos, clothing, etc. But that is not all, the cars at the door of the store are also for sale and there is also a store on the left of the dinner call Artilleri Home which sales some retro theme furnitures.

There are many items in the store and for us guys, there is a special section in the store dedicated to us on the right back corner of the store.

The first really cool product I am presenting to you guys today is this bike, the design in particularcaught my attention, is not like the usual motorbikes, but just a frame a motor, it is simple but very unique.

Another product that I really like from the store are the burt jeans these jeans according to one of my friend, are “The best jeans ever made for men in-world”. The jeans comes with a pair of cuffs that looks like rolled ups and are not like the usual “tight” crouch squeezing jeans which somes might find usually uncomfortable to look at.

Besides of the pants, there are a big variety of shirts with different designs all at a very reasonable price.

A personal opinion which is not fashion related. Go check out the pin up arts at Artilleri Home, they perfect for any house and the price is more than reasonable.

I hope everyone will find this review of the store helpful and hope to see you all next time.


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