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GIA Store Review // Casa Cheerno

Posted in Store Review @ 6:00 am on December 25th, 2009 by admin | 35 views

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Recently, the famous male fashion brand Cheerno moved their location and with this move, a brand new store setting came along the new store is now not just a store where you can shop but the surrounding areas are also ideal for photo taking.

The new store now is surrounded by a close environment desert with an artificial sun that “emits” visible light rays. The whole design of the place is in simple lines and it is one of the best sim I have come across so far.

The new store layout is also much easier to walk through as all items are separated in different rooms according to different categories.

I personally don't own a lot of Cheerno's products, as I rarely have the occasion to actually year something that fancy in-world. The designs of the clothing are, if we have to be put them in a few words, colorful and artistic, something that will win mayor applauses at fashion shows even in the real world.

One thing that I really like about Cheerno is that they have a complete outfit section. Every now and then, the brand release a line of different outfits which comes with the complete look and it helps a lot of people who usually stands at home for hours not knowing what to wear, making their life simpler as they don't need to think what looks good or not, with the outfits from here, they will always be in fashion.

But Cheerno doesn't only sell only complete outfits, but also individual pieces of clothing like jackets, tank tops, t shirts, and pants in between many other products.

Other than just clothing, Cheerno also make excellent accessories, I am sure most of you have seen them all over the blogs such as the brilliant gloves, and the Siberian fur scarf and the jamiro beret shown in the picture above which are my favorites.

Cheerno also is where you will locate some of the best skin in Second life. The new venus line comes in all ethnic and with different makeup on the faces which are trying to reflect the cultural background of the origins of the particular ethnics. There is a big variety of Hairs also available in the store, as well as different sets of eyes. The hair in the picture named Fray is my favorite up till now.

When I was taking photos for this review, a particular product caught my attention, these eyelashes. Yes, male eyelashes. For the first time I have seen it in second life. I remember a friend telling me to wear eyelashes to make myself look better in-world a while back, and when I asked where he got his “male” lashes, he said there weren't any, he was using female ones. Well, now we do have lashes for guys. They come with prim or texture according to each ones needs.

And here is another product that really caught my eyes. I am sure some of you might have already seen the movie, some might not and for those who haven't seen it, and I will say here that you must go see it. It is simply something you do not want to miss and the movie is just not the same without a huge screen in 3d and surround sound, DVD will just not do for this movie! Anyhow, these skins above are inspired by the movie itself, and there are shapes that goes together with these skins for both male and female and I have seen several skins out there that are trying to recreate the Na'vi Alien look, but none of them can compare to the detail of these. So if you are trying to recreate the pandorian native look, these are must have.

Well, that is all for today's review. I hope that everyone finds it useful and I will see you all next time.


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