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GIA Store Review // Casa Del Shai

Posted in Store Review @ 4:56 am on January 24th, 2010 by admin | 31 views

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Hello boys and girls. First of all, sorry for the late entry, had some crazy issues in real life and had to go out and so on. So today we are going to review on a shop which has been around for a long time but I recently re-discovered, Casa Del Shai.

I remember when I first go to this shop, almost a year ago, I didn't how to move around the store… it is pretty silly now when I look back at it, the layout of the store is pretty simple…

Just like this picture indicates here, once you land at the store, you move to the left. That is the men half of the store. Also the middle of the store where you see the name of the store in the picture, has one half with male clothing, including this one outfit that I really like and you will all be seeing very soon on the next issue of Glance 😉

At the “front yard” of the store, you will also see these. Some people told me they look freaky but I think they are pretty cute, this are the Kulam sak dolls. Kulam, for those who doesn't know is a Tagalog word meaning “magic spell” or “curse” which means… yes, this are Voodoo dolls or that sort of thing but the avatar is just really cute and I would buy them just to have it in my inventory if I am not trying to finish my house furnishing. (I will save up for you guys… eventually.)

The store presents any different styles of clothing for different occasions, for example, the formal wear displayed above, the smoking tux set which comes in two different colors and I particularly liked the idea of the loose bowtie which I haven't seen on other tux set. And the other suit is the Nehru suit. A Nehru jacket is a hip-length tailored coat for men or women, with a stand-up mandarin collar which appear in south east Asian country like India and China with a little variation, I personally am a big fan of these type of suit and I even have quite a few of them in my closet at home. They really are easy to match with casual or formal shirt and the best part, you don't need to wear a tie. (YESH~!!! XD)

But beside of the formal suits they have also something for the more day to day use like for example the newsboy outfit which can be broken down or worn together as a whole outfit as well as the Capoeirista which I think is ideal for a walk at the beach.

There are many more outfits at the store which because are all of such high quality and all with its particular characteristic, I just couldn't decide on which one to show on here so I am suggesting you all to go and give it a spin at the store, you might discover something you have been looking for all over the grid

I hope everyone enjoyed this review

Until next time


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