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GIA Store Review// Emery

Posted in Store Review @ 5:14 pm on November 27th, 2009 by admin | 47 views

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Hai Guys! when i came across with the oportunity of making a review of a Shop i was excited!! So this time im going to review one of my favorite stores in SL! EMERY This store is Trendy, Fashion Foward and Extremely cool!!

EMERY, is one of the most fashionable stores in the grid, it has EVERYTHING, Woman clothes, Man clothes, glasses, belts, gloves, scarfs, purses! You name it!!
So this is the store to go to when we wanna look different, and right on point on the fashion world!!
Like i said before EMERY is an Unisex Store! yesh! its perfect! Boys and Girls get the exceptional QUALITY of this fantastic store!
The design its wonderful, colorful and it can fit any style! the pieces can be bought on full outfits or you can buy separates and create your own outfit and give your personality a matching outfit!!

To give the look your own twist this store have TONS of cool accesories, perfectly done, colorful and full of uniqueness and personality!

The Sunglasses are Unisex too! so the boys can have fun and playing the cool guy role all the time with this fantastic Glasses!

EMERY is the store to go too when u want to be on the covers of the magazine and be on the spotlight!

WooHooo!!! Shop Shop Shop!

GIA Stylist: Rbk Gossipgirl

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