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GIA Store Review // Gabriel

Posted in Store Review @ 10:47 pm on January 7th, 2010 by admin | 15 views

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Hey all, for the first store review after New Year, I am presenting to you a store I first got to know when they were just making accessories but has now rapidly grown and become a complete fashion line, Gabriel.

The brand owner is Japanese and besides of its main store, you can locate their product at three other locations, including. Mimi's choice.

Although the brand still doesn't have a big selection of product, the quality of these really stands out and adding to these, the store constantly gives out group gifts which the quality is just as good as any of its products really does attract customers to constantly revisit.

Another reason that I like to present this store is because of the rapid updates in product. I have seen brands that are selling products that were created like 1 year or so ago and still not updating new products in their inventory. Now I don't believe in clothing going out of fashion in-world, every item can be fashionable in its own way as long as you know how to mix and match, but I do believe that new products are necessary for a business to be continuously successful. In the above picture, I am showing the latest product of Gabriel.

Two of the best products I saw at Gabriel are shown in this picture. I first saw them both at Mimi's choice, and I really said to myself these are must have. The open shirt is perfectly sculpted and as shown in the picture, it looks great with the crest choker from the same brand. And the down jacket I have previously reviewed in a style card but I personally prefer the female version because the collar comes with a fur lining (I am a sucker for furs XD). At the main store you will also find a vest which looks similar to this down jacket.

The store also presents some belts as accessories but one particular product caught my attention more, this jacket tied around waist. I have seen a few of this in-world, not many available I must say, So far this one and the one at Sey are the only ones I have seen with good enough quality for me to actually be willing to spend money on.

Finally, the products that caught my eyes the first time I was at Gabriel. This necklaces both perfectly sculpted and perfectly textured goes perfectly with any open collar shirt out there, just so your bare chest wouldn't look so… blank (haha) and they comes for both male and female.

Gabriel will be launching some new products tomorrow (Jan 9th) and I will be presenting them to all of you in my next style card.

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