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GIA Store Review // Grasp / Sweetaholic

Posted in Store Review @ 7:24 am on December 24th, 2009 by admin | 24 views

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Hello all, this week first interview will be on one of my favorite clothing store the store is well known for its line of leather clothing, the little extra feathers on all its items and the details of its textures. The brand I am talking about is Grasp own by Asalt Eames.

The style of Grasp is a little similar to Sey, but leaning to a more biker or rocker style. Most of the clothing you will find here is made out of leather, including pants, jackets, skirts, shoes and belts. Although leather is the main thing for Grasp, they also have other items like tank tops, swimwear, an extensive line of jeans, and much more.

I personally really like these items because the texture are very detailed when it comes to the leather clothing here, you will see the light reflection which leather pants or jackets might have in real life on this items in their texture, this show how much attention the creator is paying to the quality of their clothing.

Another reason why this store attracts me is because of these items in the picture above. The group gifts. Sure that a lot of stores gives out group gifts or have store freebies, but not many has items that are with such good quality. I have seen stores with freebies which are just a tee shirt with the logo of the store and honestly that does not compare to this items. Besides of these gifts, Grasp is currently participating in the Winter Choice 2009 stamp rally giving out a pair of leopard jeans which I will review for all of you at the end of the week.

Some of the items that I recommend from the store right now are the new Fur Trim Hooded Jacket, pay special attention to the zipper of this jacket, not many brands has detailed their clothing to the point where you can see the zipper as well as the one you have on Grasp coats. Another item will be the Rolled up sleeves shirt. Sure there are many shirts similar to this one out there, but I especially like the Skull & Crossbone symbol on the back.

Next is this must have item, the Fur Trim Leather Boots. I practically kicked myself when this came out and I just bought something similar the day before. These boots I have reviewed before in my GIA Style Card // Man in Fur, and I still stand by that review, these are the best boots I have seen so far.

Besides of the great content at Grasp, Asalt also owns the store Sweetaholic Kimonos. The Brand sales Kimonos with the same detail quality as Grasp clothing and also with accessories like umbrella, and fan. The kimonos are mostly for women which have nothing to do with us guys you might say, but they actually have men kimonos at the end of the store and not just one or two, but a whole wall of them, at plain sight you might not see the difference but if you zoom in and look at the details, you will see that each of these are unique and they are worth every linden the store is charging. And as for the girls, who I usually don't recommend anything, you should really check out the special kimono set, now that is winter and new year is coming, I recommend the Shinran with the fur collar.

Another thing to notice, the white one, is a traditional Japanese Wedding kimono, so beware if you are wearing that in public just cause is pretty, you might scare your man off if he is not ready. :p

I hope that you boys and girls will find this store review useful and hope to see you next time.


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