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GIA Store Review // Massimo

Posted in Store Review @ 10:07 pm on January 21st, 2010 by admin | 15 views

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Hey all, it has been a busy week with styling for photos for next month magazine, trying to pick back up on my personal blog as well as the old AtNaMi project…, is really tiring but still lot of fun and fruitful. I was going around shops trying to look for styles to use in the Glance magazine next month as well as for all the other projects I have at hand. When I came across today's store. I am not sure how many of you know it since it is a small box and I consider myself to have stumbled across this place, Massimo.

Now at first sight you will not be impress at all, because the store looks like any other stores that just have product vendors all over the wall, not big fancy design like some of the other store I have shown in other reviews before, It is just a small box in the sky. But what caught my attention was really the quality of the products.

Now the first things I notice from the store are these boots and scarf. I have had presented many different boots in the past style cards but these boots are really worth mentioning. Why? Because I have not seen them anywhere. Not in blogs, not in magazines, nowhere to be found, I am very surprise that with such a quality prim boots and fully scripted that people have missed it. As for the scarf they present a unique sculpt compare to the usual one I see out there and also you rarely sees them out on blogs. (This tells me that a lot of you guys have never been here)

Another interesting product that caught my attention is this suit call Michelle. Sure there are many greater suits out there but this casual suit with its fur line collar and having 5 styles in one package is just a big bargain and it is quite unique compare to what others has to offer. The suits come in 3 colors but this one in the picture caught my eyes.

As a stylist I have always have problems picking out jeans or pants. And if you look into my inventory you will see that I have tones of jackets, coats, shirts and so on, but not many pair of jeans. I find jeans somehow… boring. I mean there are some good designs out there but I might have a pair in each style and that's about it. I am not really impressed with what is out there at the moment but these in the picture caught my eyes, first of all the crocodile pocket pants in red is really eye catching for its color and secondly the upset demin with the plaid cuffs and hip bandana really has great details and with 5 color pattern of plaids, these are something I would consider fatpacking.

Like most of the store I go, they do have gifts for shoppers, in this case, 4 lucky boards which besides of clothing, they are giving out a sculpted cushion with a sitting pose menu on touch.

One more thing worth mentioning, for all the photographers out there. Now I know you really don't need this for your work, but Massimo has 2 cameras that come with 5 poses in them and 2 sounds which would make a great addition to your photo taking when you try to make it look more realistic to your models and clients.

I hope you all will find this review useful and once again,

Until next time,


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