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GIA Store Review // MRM Factory

Posted in Store Review @ 11:31 pm on January 17th, 2010 by admin | 58 views

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Hey all, how was your weekend? I hope everyone had a wonderful time. While winter is still upon us, it is starting to feel much warmer around here. And what do I love to do when is warm? Of course is going to the beach. Today I am presenting to you all a store has most of its product theme for a sunny day at the beach, MRM Factory.

The store is located at a beach front parcel which fits the theme of the products perfectly. I first got to know about this store when I was looking for my Hawaiian shirt which right here I found one

The Aloha shirt shown here is one of many models available at the store, as it says on the vendor, it comes with fully sculpted collar and sleeves which I consider very essential in all shirts. If you are going to do a collar on the texture layer, I will probably not spend my money on your product. (lol) The cargo pants are another nice feature, it comes with 4 ways of wearing it as you can see and I really love the sculpted pockets on the side and back.

Continuing with their theme, the store also has these tribal jeans which are ideal for a beach walk, is rolled up style which is normal for beach use and they come with tribal prints on them. I am a big fan of these designs, I personally have a full body tattoo in tribal style which I have worn in some of my style cards and is almost always the only set of tattoo I use.

But besides of only beach wear, the store also is known for its great jackets. Most with a sport look like this one right here which is one of the first jacket I own of the store and it comes with a pair of gloves to match. Another great jacket they have is the one that is call world walker. Is a long thick jacket which comes in a big color range

Last but not least, the store also sales many great necklaces and other jewelries to help you complete that beach look that will help you turn the heads of those pretty girls in bikini (XD)

I hope this review can help those who are starting to get ready for the upcoming season when the winter passes

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