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GIA Store Review // Muism

Posted in Store Review @ 10:32 pm on January 10th, 2010 by admin | 15 views

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Hey boys and girls, is me again. Today I am reviewing another great clothing brand for men; a store has everything from hair and hats to shoes and jewelry, and all the products separated into different buildings according to their categories. One of my personal favorite, Muism.

The first time I heard of Muism was about their jackets and over coats, the store was well known for, I personally have posted before on a style card here on the fur coat I have and also prior stylist for GIA have done the bomber jacket which are both shown in this picture. But Muism coat line doesn't stop there; other great styles like the UK rocker jacket, the leather jackets, and much more are all great options for this winter season.

Muism is not all just about the coats, they have other excellent products too, and the huge catalog of their products also includes shoes, jewelries, shirts, tee shirts, pants, even swimwear and earphones.

One of the products that I especially love from the brand is the black tuxedo set, perfect for all formal event with 2 different waist coats and a color changing cravat to match any gown your date can come up with. 😉

Besides of its products, Muism also provide a great service for its customers which so far I think I have not seen at other stores.

Throughout the store, you will find posters and windows like these ones shown on the picture. They are all from great stylists putting together complete looks with Muism products. These are great tips for those who might not sure what to buy when they are at the store in front of the big selection of great clothes and accessories.

The latest project of Muism is these new line of male skin call Xavier, there is 4 tones and 15 skins per skin tone available including wounded and scratch marked skin. There is also a gift version of the skin in the Muism update group which comes in the natural tone of the Xavier skin and previous to that, a red special edition of the bomber jacket.

I hope that everyone will find what they need from this store and I will see you all next week

Until then


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