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GIA Store Review // Zenith

Posted in Store Review @ 9:06 am on January 16th, 2010 by admin | 10 views

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Hello all, is a beautiful Saturday morning, I hope you all have a great weekend. For this week first store review, I am bringing you guys to another fabulous shop in-world, Zenith Fashion.

The store is a three stories high building, not very big and the bad news for us guys is, the brand is mainly compose of women clothing. The men line is combine with the unisex products filling up only the first floor of the shop. :( But not all is bad news, I checked on the price at the store and I have to say, for the quality of the product, the price is a real bargain.

Although the products available for us guys are not much, what lacks in quantity makes up in quality, the design of some of these products are amazing. You will find in this store, jackets of all kind, leather, checkers, down jacket styles in between many others. Besides of jackets there are also a variety of different shirts you can choose from for different occasions. But the main stuff you can find here are the complete outfits available to you as shown on the picture, they have things as casual as a t-shirt and plaid pants to something more formal as a shirt and vest. Of course, these are just an example as the store has many more outfit you can choose from.

Zenith also has a update group in-world which gives out group gifts to its members and besides of these, as a member you will have the privilege to use these lucky boards located on the second floor of the store. The scroll time are 4 minutes for all of them and the gifts are random, which means is more then what you are seeing here and I have never seen the end of the list of products in there while I was taking pictures for this review. So it is worth checking out.

Last but not least here are the 2 products I like the most so far from the store. Both Unisex outfits. The first one is a work out outfit which has the puma logo on it, the color of black and white looks really great with any skin tone or hairdo you want to throw on and the electric green color just gives it a extra eye catching touch. The second outfit is one of the newest one they have. I have to say that I like it for the personal reason that I like shirt and vest casual look. I have so many of them now from different brands but I still like to buy this type of clothing when I see them.

I do hope everyone like this review and I will see you all again real soon.

Until then


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