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AF2010 Card//Bax;Skream

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Hello darlings..don't forget that the accessory fair won't last forever.That's why today I decided to present you 2 more stores from the fabulous sim.So just take a cup of tea/coffee ;relax yourself and let's see what breathtaking accessories means.


Everyone knows.They are well known for their glamorous boots,but this time they are here for the unique accessories they create .I think every girl has at least 1 design from their mainstore.I was so happy to hear that they joined the fair..and even more happier when I got the stuffs for blogging.

What they have for us?Unique belts named “BAX Leather Belt” ;glamorous flower bracelets “BAX FLOWER BRACELETS” ;my first style card hair “Nathalie” and of course good looking jewelries sets”Indian Summer” ;”Pearl Collection”;”Boho Collection”.

So if you didn't visit the Bax booth until now then you time for shopping.Discover what high quality stuffs means

Available at the Bax Booth


I know that they are not super big yet but I can tell you for sure that they make some nice stuffs.For blogging I got this pair of black ear rings that let me with my mouth open.I was honored to wear and take pictures of it.Named “The color of my heart”..this is for sure a must have in the inventory.You remember Skream from an older fair card..and now they are back.So why not to visit last time their booth too?

Available at the Skream Booth

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