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AF2010 Special//Glam Affair,A la Folie,Zaara

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Hello my lovely shopaholics. I hope you didn't forget about the accessory fair 2010 because it is still going on.Today I have on the blog 3 unique designers:Glam Affair,A la Folie and of course Zaara

Glam Affair

I know them for a long time and I feel very close to them .They design some unique style of jewelries that everyone should have in the inventory.I was super happy when I heard that they even joined the fair.In today's fair card we have from them the bracelet set named -Glam Affair- Studded Bangles..the good looking bags -Glam Affair- Pochette and of course 2 different style of eyelashes -Glam Affair- Lashes of Petals and -Glam Affair- Bird Tale Lashes. If you didn't visit their booth until now you should do it..they deserve your attention..

Available at the Glam Affair's Booth

A la Folie
They are another store that can be found at the Accessory Fair 2010.They create some very good looking jewelries that for sure you should try them.In the picture you can see the “AlaFolie” Broadway nights (serre tete) that are available for sale at their booth on the AF 2010 sim.So you didn't visit until now their booth?You still have time the fair will be still here for some days.

Available at the A la Folie's Booth

Everyone knows her.She creates high quality stuffs..and proudly I can tell you that she got a booth at the fair too.She designed some lovely rings that I absolutely felt in love with them after I first saw them.You can find in the pictures the Kashiti bobble ring *pearl*,Kashiti bobble ring *turquoise*,Raga oyster ring *pearl*,Trusha metal rings and of course the Trusha onyx rings.The best part is that you can wear the gold or the silver one version of it..they both look amazing.So my advice for you is to visit Zaara's booth is time for some shopping.

Available at the Zaara's Booth

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

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