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GIA Style Alert // Colorful Summer

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 8:17 am on July 10th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 81 views

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Hey guys, how are you all? Is Weekend again~!!! This week I must say with this heat and humid, it haven't been one of my favorite but right now I am still very excited. Why? Because today we are having the new summer collection from CHANTKARE and I was lucky enough to got my hands on some of the items before the official release which I am sharing with you all now.

The first outfit is CHANTKARE Atleta Jacket and Shorts in navy blue with Netted Tank in yellow underneath.

You might be thinking right now, hey this picture doesn't look like my usual ones, well it is not. I didn't want to ruin the look of the products so I asked my friend Suri to help me with the photos this time and I really am liking the result of them.

But back to the main point, saw these items one day on my flickr page and have been bugging Long Pausch, CEO of CHANTKARE about the release day ever since (Sorry man, I am annoying :p) The jacket comes with prim collar, body, sleeves as shown on the picture and for those with a less build body shape, you get optional shoulder pads just like in RL blazers. The shorts also come with prim cuffs which are all carefully sculpted. Although they come script free, I had a rather easy time fitting them into myself this time. The Atleta Jacket and Shorts comes in five every eye catching colors, Burnt Orange, Navy Blue as shown here, Magenta, Lime, and Ash Grey and they can be purchase separately, or as a set with a 30L off the original price.

Matching this items, I choose to use another great new release from the store, the Netted Tank in yellow this item was not really all that new as it was already available before but this time, they added new colors to it, now beside of the original black color, now it is also available in Teal, Red, white and Yellow as shown above and including the original color black, all of these were redone making sure that there is an improvement of the texture itself. The tank comes with a prim waist attachment, the tassels which are composed of may flexi prim.

And also as I previously blog about on my last post, I am using a colorgy wristband which is also brand new from the collection. When you purchase these wristbands, they are sold in pairs, and you can get them in 7 different patterns.

To complete this outfit, I am using as accessories the aviator glasses from GOS which are always good for all pictures and occasion with the options it comes with. As for hair, this is from The store EGO which has been around for a few now and still waiting for their new release at the moment. Hope it is soon. The shoes you see here are the Kalnins slip ons which comes with texture changing, resizing and other options via a click menu.

As for the seconds style

What you see here is another great item from this new collection, the top is a vest which comes with the shirt and tie underneath. The Liso Slouch Vest comes in three colors, Deep red, Sky blue and city grey. As you can see here I am using the deep red color version but I mixed and matched a bit and am actually using the city grey set's prim collar with tie. The vest come also with a prim bottom which makes it look baggier. Vest and shirt can be worn separately.
As for the jeans, I am wearing the CKD jeans in dark blue but at the store, you will also find them in black and white each having it's prim cuffs and 2 belts pay special attention to the texture of the jeans as the bottom where the pants layer and the prim cuffs connects are drawn with a bit more wrinkles than on the thighs, this actually help hide the connection line and made it just so much more realistic.

As well as on the first style, here I am also using the colorgy wristband as an accessory and the other products I am using here includes the newest addition to the Kumaki sunglasses, the sgts which comes with the texture changing script allowing me to make them into these pink shades you see here and as for shoes, these are the new ones also from Kalnins which I received as a gift and have been on me ever since.

I know most of you guys might be like me who usually has most of their clothing in black, brown, or colors that are within the greyscale but between the great sculpt and the design of the outfits, I got to say the bright colors doesn't look bad at all.

For those who wants to be colorful this summer, you should just head down to CHANTKARE now and have a look at these great Items


I hope everyone enjoy their weekend,

Until next time.


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