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GIA Style Alert // New boots from Purrfect 10 + Don’t miss the Valentines Gift

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Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Its Valentines Day. YAY. Love is in the air. Can you feel it? hehe

I’m running uber short on time today since its a special few days with me and my rl man. Valentines today, tomorrow is my real life birthday and also our 5 year anniversary! So needless to say, I don’t have a lot of time to do this post. Lets get the post going.

Short on time and all I wanted to show the new boot that Ten Dexler just created. Like always is so beautiful with amazing quality and high rendered textures. Like all of Ten’s non-gifty shoes every aspect of the new Damaris Boots have the ability to turn black. I personally think that makes every Purrfect 10 a great buy. I almost considering it buying one shoe and getting one free. All Ten’s shoes are menu controllable. So you can easily control the color, size, walking sound, sexy walk and more. In addition all shoes come with an alpha for viewers that support. I love that fantastic new(ish) addition to Second Life. But it also includes invisi prims encase your viewer doesn’t support alpha and tattoos. Keeping in mind that you can change every boot to black – These new stylish boots are under priced in my opinion at a mear 790L.

Now moving on to the valentines shoes Ten has put out. These lovely babies are GIFTIES! The first shoe in the picture is absolutely-free-no-strings-attached. Just join the regular group ( secondlife:///app/group/5c26d928-c5f4-f2ae-3f96-15ece72a6c38/about ) for 0L! Then go to the store and touch the board and receive these free. You can also get the Denim shoe ( not shown )for free still. The second picture is a gifty for the VIP Group. Join here (secondlife:///app/group/b41325e1-88aa-3f2b-76ff-68a28885b42f/about) for 510L

A little bit about the VIP Group. You might be saying “but Vi, thats not free!” TRUST me its well worth it. Ten puts a new VIP Shoe out 10 times a year! So, if you really want to do the math that’s 51L per shoe. :) + VIP Groupies get 25% off each purchase in the store if you wear your VIP group tag. Even more savings! Currently there are 5 VIP Group gift shoes available for you to pick up in the store. + You can still nab the older 2 regular group gifties if your VIP. Seriously. I cant stress enough – join the group already. Its like a shoe heaven! There is NO excuses now that Second Life Support so many groups.

That’s all for me today guys. I hope that you have an amazing Valentines Day. Sorry I Didnt have time to edit my photos. They really don’t do the shoes justice so please stop by Purrfect 10and pick up your gifts. While your there check out all the amazing shoes Ten Dexler created just for us.



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