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GIA Style Alert // New *KPD* Skin

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Good morning everyone. Boy am I tired. I was up last night baking cookies for 4 and a half hours to take to my grandma and father-in-law as a Christmas Pressie. and then around midnight I heard my grandma was admitted to the E.R. with chest pains. Lucky I live downtown so I’m only 5 minutes away and actually nearly beat them there. So I was there for a while, they admitted her. Hopefully, shes home in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas. If your still looking to give a gift to someone special this season, I ask you, why not give the gift of a fresh new look? Le Dora is the newest skin release by designer Kathrin Peal. She is available in a sexy dark “Tanned” skin tone. And has the cutest little dimples on her cheeks. Dimpled skin is rather unique, Its not often you find a good quality dimple skin, yes freckles, but dimples no. And in Second Life when everyone basically looks like everyone one else, Its nice to find something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Le Dora is avaiable in 7 sexy makeup options. I love the “Pink” and “Smokey” colors for winter. Every purchase encludes two skins. One cleavange enhanced skin for your sexy loooks, and of course, a non cleavage enchanced look for your more elegant occasions. Shes available as singles, or as a bundle. ( and amazingly priced, may I add? ) Enough of my ramblings here are some pictures!

Le Dora makes a great unique gift for anyone looking to mix up there look. Even if the gift is just for yourself! Hey! its OK to gift yourself during the Holidays. I just tell myself its from Santa. My inner child believes it. hehe. Unlike *KPD*’s clothing items, Le Dora is NOT transferable. So if you are looking to give the gift of a fresh look to someone, you’ll probably have to do it the old fashion way – by sliding those Lindens to them and letting them buy themselves. Encase your wondering abut the panties I used in this post. They are also from *KPD* Part of the Sheer PlaySuit I bloged about here.

Merry Christmas to everyone that Celebrates.
Happy Holidays
Happy New Year
All that stuffs. :D. lol

Style Card:
Skin: *KPD* Le Dora Tanned By Kathrin Pearl
Hair: Trueth Alicia By Truth Hawks
Shoes: Bax Ankle Boots Tanned By Bax Coen
Jewelry: FineSmith Nueva Bracelete and Ring By yula Finesmith

P.S. Just a quick reminder, like I always do. I edit my photos. Polaroid picture and the full picture are both edited by myself. The images of the makeup options are raw for you. Always try demos. :) Tata

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