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I came back on the website today,because i have some great information that you must know.Is very important that all of us to see all the new skins around second life.Skins are the part that makes our face look sweet,one of the base in the second life fashion industry.This is why I decided to post right now to show you the newest skins pack ,made by the amazing Soul design ..come with me,and let's buy some nice skins

Soul is well known around the virtual world,because her amazing skins,that look so realistic.That's what most of the fashion agency look for .After the success of the sasha model skin,soul created a new pack that personally amazed me . Tiffany is the name of her new collection,and is coming in 15 makes up one better than another.I advice you to buy this if you are a model or future model,because will help you a lot in your job.Because of the …maybe I can say strange but fantastic makes up ,you will look amazing with it everywhere from home to catwalks or to your daily shopping.When I saw it ,I stood like 5 minutes at each of the makes up ,loving how they look with the shape and eyes.Lucky I got the full pack so now I can fit this AMAZING skin with different outfits too..isn't that amazing.You know if I have it,you must have it get up from bed,and go to the Soul Mainstore,I don't think there is any other shop that may be more original then soul.Look for the tiffany skin and be ready for shopping,don't forget about the sasha model skin neither,that's another fantastic look too.

~Where can i find this Fantastic skins?~

Skin: Tiffany female skin FULL PACK- Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore [The newest release]

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