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GIA Style Alert//Burroughs Jewelries

Posted in Featured News, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 1:43 am on March 14th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 39 views

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Hello everyone..Amalia is back with you today with a fabulous style alert that I am sure you will enjoy.Come with me and let's discover what true high quality jewelries means at a store that deserves our attention.

If you didn't hear about Burroughs store until now then you will .They design first class jewelries that can look as amazing on your body as they look on the pictures.When I fist talked with the designers and he said a Yes to my business offer I was like “OMG this will be a big business” and it was.I present you the lovely Burroughs collection style alert^^.

Antoine Burroughs the designer announced me that they have a special sale for a super cute set.The Ti Amo Jewleries set is available on Xstreet for buying at 99 L$ ..And the best part is that the Ti Amo set is an amazing high quality jewelries that everybody should get in his/her inventory.So don't forget to visit this link :

Some of the jewelries he design come in a big pack that means :Belly ring,ear ring,necklace,ring,bracelet,ankle bracelet.You can see how many things you can get from a simple set of jewelries and the best part is that they are easily to fit.We shouldn't forget about the Multilanguage HUD that is awesome.

Today in this style alert I am going to present you all the lovely Burroughs Premium Collection that is a must have .So let's get started. Burroughs Premium – Alyssa Style is a fantastic combination of colors representing very nice flower.It comes with short and long ear rings.And the necklace can be worn in different styles too.

The next set is the Burroughs Premium – Audrey Style that in my mind represents the love because of the hearts.Of course since we love this new HUD you can change it colors to fit with the rest of the outfit .The Burroughs Premium – Butterfly Style is one of that sets I told you that comes with everything.You must have it especially that sweet belly ring.

When I first saw the Burroughs Premium – Cupcake Style I was amazed.It for sure represents one of my favorite because of the lovely colors he used to created this set.The Burroughs Premium – DDee Style is actually made from 2 big ear rings that every girl should have in her inventory.

The next set is the Burroughs Premium – Devilishly in Love Style that like the Butterfly one comes with a big variety of jewelries.The Burroughs Premium – Gianna Style fits best with casual or city style.You will love the big stones that is made from. Burroughs Premium – Innocence Style is another big set that is made from pearls.I love pearls and that's why I recommend you all to get this.

In the pictures we have presented the Burroughs Premium – Jack Style that is a very lovely set too.From ear rings the Burroughs Premium – Kelly Style is for sure one of my favorite ,they are so unique. Burroughs Premium – Romance Style for sure fits me because I am in love and the very good looking and carefully designed hearts give it a simply fantastic look. Burroughs Premium – Sarah Style is for sure one of the most elegant jewelries set from his store and in the same time one of the must have if you are invited at a formal party.

We still have on our list the Burroughs Premium – Sensuality Style that I totally love because of the light or dark colors you can chose. Burroughs Premium – Serena Style is another “my favorite” because of the small prims it is made from .You can see how carefully it was designed.And the last for this style alert is the Burroughs Premium – Shanti Style that you must buy to see how good they look.

So if you want to see this jewelries on your avatar you for sure must go to the Burroughs Mainstore..because it's end of the week and everybody must Shop.Don't forget about the 99l$ set on xstreet^^.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shop List-

All the items presented in this style alert are designed by Antoine Burroughs and are available at his mainstore.

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