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GIA Style Alert//Jador Fall 2010

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 11:25 am on September 10th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 61 views

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Hey my favorite readers .How have you been today?I took time to present 4 fabulous outfit from the new Jador Collection .Fall is already here and we really need to change everything in our wardrobe if we want to look good So are you ready to see what true high quality means?

We are starting with the dress you can see in the main picture .It is named Sophia and like all the other creations in today's style alert you will be able to find it at Mimi's Choice Mainstore .The thing that I love at Sophia is maybe the color dress —red and the style that remind me about the fabulous Marilyn Monroe.

For the next outfit we are traveling to Africa to discover the Ethnic design .It's for sure something you don't see in all stores,so as you can see the designer is very original .This is probably one of my favorite designs from the entire collection ,simply because it matches my style*hehe*.

Next one is elegant ,very elegant .Named Pure luxury as the name says it's a luxurious design .It comes with a lovely bag .For sure if you wear this outfit you will shine everywhere you go .So just press the Mimi's Choice store slurl and enjoy your shopping.

As promised I have 4 outfits,so there is one more named V.I.P. I find this design very New York style .I would definitely wear it at work or on the street ,just because the texture is so incredible ,and it looks good on every avatar .Jador thought at everything for us.

So are you ready to spend your lindens on first class outfits?As always I included a slurl to the Mimi's Choice mainstore .Take care *muah* Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

*Pure Luxury
-By Jador- from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible at Mimi’s Choise mainstore

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