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GIA Style Card// Adele by +++BB+++

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Good Evening Guys and Gals,

Today I felt the need to get a bit dark, and +++BLUEBLOOD+++ helped a lot with the new outfit “Adele”.

Not only is this outfit fully customizable with many different ways to choose from whether your a corset wearer or you decide to have a flowing cascading gown, this outfit is ALSO in many arrays of colors including: Teal, Black, Pink, Purple and Red.

Without the help of   ::{Favole}:: this outfit would not be made possible with their awesome Halloween hunt items, when I got them I never knew what to do with them and in this dark mood I decided to sport the “Condemned horns”   and the “Devils Advocate” shoes which adds a hint of the devil in my outfit.

Nothing is wrong with looking a bit sinful.

Shoes & Horns by ::{Favole}:: ( Halloween Hunt of 2010 )

Full Outfit by +++BLUEBLOOD+++ Adele in Red

Hair by Magika Jaime

Skin by Rotten Toe Alice Skin

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  1. amaliafoxtrot says:

    Looks really cute^^

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