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Hey guys! So is Friday again, Another Crazy week have gone by and it is time to seat back, relax and shop~! Lol. Today I am happy to present to all of you the latest release from :SEY, the Denim jacket & hoodie. This time, it is an exclusive item for boys (Sorry ladies). The jacket is available in 5 colors and what you see here in the picture is a brown one but you can also find it in Black, Blue, Green and Red. As usual, the jacket comes with all the prim parts (hood, sleeves, body) and all of them comes with a resize script for easy fitting. What really caught my attention at first sight was the prim star buttons, not only are these prim made but you will also love the texture where if you zoom in close enough, you will see that it has a grunge touch to it as well as the metallic shine that it is suppose to have. Also, the position of each star on the buttons is pointing differently simulating how it looks like in real life. As for the hood, it comes with a texture changing script which allows you to change into 6 variations of texture and colors.

The beanie you see me wearing here is a hunt price from the Make Him Over 3rd edition, store number 14, Avoid, while there is no script for color change or resize to this item, it is still, one of the best prize for this edition of the hunt. As for the scarf, it is a pass group gift from MIEL which comes with a resize script and the Tee shirt underneath is the latest group gift from …Scars…

The jeans here are the rockers choice casual jeans from the naked tree which usually comes with prim cuffs but I am not showing here. Also in this picture, the jeans has been modified to make them fit better with my boots.

As for The boots, I got these last month for a fashion spread on the magazine but they are just too good to not present to those of you who have not seen them on GLANCE yet. These I can say are by far the best boots of its kind. The DOCS 8 holes are another great creation from Gospel Voom and these comes with a resize and texture changing script with the option of changing the texture individually for the boots, the laces, the eyelets and the stitches and of course it is fully functional with the retexturing system that Gos offers separately but that is not all, these boots also are able to change between 3 shapes for your needs.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: [Avoid]: Blake – Onyx (MHOH3 GIFT)


Jacket & Hoodie: :sey: Denim jacket & hoodie-brown-/

Shirt: …Scars…: Print T [Group Gift]

Pants: The NakedTree: CasualJeans [RockersChoice]

Shoes: [Docs]: – 8 HOLE – M – Brown



Until next time,


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