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GIA Style Card // Alright

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 9:39 pm on July 2nd, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 42 views

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Hey guys, It is the best time of the week again, Friday night~! Woohoo! So I am sure everyone is getting dress, ready to roll out and party till dawn so I am sure not many of you will be reading this until you are too drunk tomorrow in the morning so I will be quick with this.

Today's outfit started when I saw this new hair made by Din Raymaker the creator of Uncleweb.Studio. This hair was made in conjunction with Yaszi Mornington from [Meriken Co.]. I must admit that when I first got the hair it was more of an impulse buy, cause I like products from both brand for detail and quality and a product from both of them together is just too hard to resist. I did regret for a moment since I am usually not a guy that wears long hair and I was having a bit of a trouble finding what to wear till I saw this music video where the guitarist had the same style which gave me the idea. But the outfit he had on was more colorful and funky which is not really what I am looking for here

So I decided to go with that same outfit but more neutral colors and the first thing I found are these pants also from [Meriken Co.], these are design to actually work in 3 styles, shorts, cropped and normal pants, it comes with cuff for shorts and cropped/pants which you will have to adjust according to your needs.

The tailor suit top with shirt and tie are from Argrace, this was part of their release during last Fall. For those who know me, they know that I am a big fan of the brand because their product are just hard to pick on, I have had trouble with other brands on their clothing but never with Argrace and on top of that, their product for the price of one, you usually get quite a few options in the package to play around with, for example with this jacket, you get the jacket, the jacket with a horizontal stripe tee shirt and as you seen in the picture, the jacket with shirt and tie. For each option, the jacket comes with the corresponding sleeves and an extra set which is the rolled up as you can see on the picture. There are also 5 ties options which you can pick the pattern from. As for the shoes it is also from Argrace from the same season release. These are angle high boots which comes with a resize script.

As for the hair, this long hair is what I got and had trouble with at first but still it is a good purchase, the backed texture of the hat, the detail of the coloring on the strings , the flexi long hair all are worth every linden you spent on it. The hair style is available in 2 hat color, and with a variety of hair colors to choose from.

And on accessories, I choose to use this ring which is the oldest ring I got from GaBriel. I am not sure as to whether it is still there but there are many other designs at the store which will serve the same purpose and even might look better.

The guitar is a gift from the recent hunting9 hunt hosted by +grasp+, this guitar comes from Kumaki Glasses Style it comes with a simple pose HUD which you can use to do some poses for with the guitar but right here at the Photo, I am using one pose from the Rock star series from Gliterrati and the other one is a self made one 😛

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: [7R] x [Meriken Co.] : MMW FP-Hair Meteor


Tailor Jacket with shirt and tie: *ARGRACE* : tailored Jacket (M) Type-D with tie-D

Pants: [Meriken Co.] : CELL LB

Shoes: *ARGRACE* : Mid Leather boots (M) L-Brown


Ring: ::GaBriel::: cross_ring

Guitar: Kumaki Glasses Style : MTG/hunting9 version

Until next time,


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