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GIA Style Card // Anti-Valentine

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 11:46 pm on January 27th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 7 views

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Hey all how was your hump day? Half the week has gone by, is almost weekend again (woohoo~!). I am currently rushing the last details for the shots of the magazine with the different style spread and real life work and I notice that everyone are very worried about the upcoming Valentine, I see special issues of magazines with valentine looks, date ideas, blah blah blah in both life and is just getting a little bit over whelming and as I always like to go against the majority and talking to my boss Patty, I thought why not give this a go, and that is where my style of today comes from, My Anti-Valentine outfit XD.

We all know the Valentine theme colors, white and red are the main colors. White represent purity, light, all the good things, and the contrast of that is black dark colors. So to start off, I went through my inventory looking for something in black and red. And I found this old shirt with black vest from Laqroki. Yes that's right from the creator of some of the most beautiful skins on the grid. Many may not remember or know but LAQ actually has appeals at their store for both man and women. The shirt I have here is of a dark red almost wine like. The shirt comes with prim rolled up sleeves and 3 types of collar, one being the collar itself, one being a black scarf as shown in the picture and the last one another scarf in gray. The shirt unfortunately can't be worn on its own and is on the same layer as the leather vest but I still love it because the leather texture is very realistic here.

The pants are from Zaara. These classic cut jeans comes with prim cuffs which are not shown here but the details on the texture on both the pants layer and the cuffs are excellent. You might not even notice the connection of the attachment part and the pants layer when you have them both on which in most cases, you will see right away because of the bad texturing.

Finally the shoes. They look familiar you say? Yes, these are the shoes that you have previously seen at Miel during the last 50L Friday event they had but these are not the same ones, nope, these you see here are the Miel FAR Boots Solid which comes with a color changing script for the boots, and the sock separately. They are available now at the store along with the Miel FAR Boots Plaid. One thing to mention here, Guys, we need to stretch these on our own as they will not fit properly at first but if you know how to fit clothing, it should be fine.

As for the Glasses, these are also from Miel. I got them a while ago from the subscribo and right now I am not sure if they are still available since the last few times I have been to Miel, the lag won't let me fully rezz the place (). The glasses come with a color changing script also, which is similar to the one of the boots for the lens and the frames as well as a resize script for easy fitting.

The hair I have on is from KMadd. It is the first thing I actually paid for in second life. I must say, I use to have my RL hair looking just like that a couple of years back. They are really nice and comes in a pack of 3 where the shine on the hair is different.

Here is the style sheet:
Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::.: ~ BRAD ~ SB II
Shirt & Vest: Laqroki: “B” Vest & “R” Shirt with Scarf
Jeans: Zaara: Classic jeans for men *indigo*

Just a friendly post note here, Valentine's day is the day where girls, yes you girls, sent out chocolate to the guys you like. Now, guys, if you are interested, you should sent back a gift to the girl on the 14th of March, White Valentine to the girl who you would like to ask for dating. 😉

I hope everyone enjoy my style today,

Until next time.


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