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GIA Style Card // Après-midi

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 11:37 pm on July 8th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 38 views

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Hey guys, One more day till weekend, everyone ready? Lol I sure as hell am and can't wait any longer. So continuing with summer clothing, let's get started with today's outfit shall we?

Again, from head to toe, today we start with this tiny military beanie with a bit of hair which was found at the dressing room This beanie from Cheerno was the only item available for men during the week all you see here are sculpt, including the stars on the top of it, I do wonder what rank is that with 9 stars. Lol

Next is this new top I found at this little store call Scar. I have previously blog about other of their products and I am not usually the guy to go for hand draw shirts but this brand is an exception. The folding and wrinkle on their shirt are amazingly realistic and I really like this new shirt. It comes in all layers with the option of long and short sleeves as well as with 2 types of collar, the one you see here has a little strand with beats on it while the other one has not. The item is script clean so fitting will depends on your skills guys. 😉

As for the wristband here, these are not released yet, but I was very fortunate to get my hands on them, they are the new Colorgy Wristbands by CHANTKARE which is part of their new summer collection. You will find them available in 7 colors combinations for both left and right hands.

The pants are from Lelutka, I wanted to get a pair of formal looking shorts since the beginning of the year and wasn't having any luck until I found these. Now the content of the package is not all that special, the usual pants and underpants layer with the prim cuffs. What I really like is the texture which if you can look closely you can see the ironing line of the shorts which are really rare to find.

And last, what will summer be without my sandals and showing off my big toes ( I have big toes according to someone) These are once again, the newest sandals creation from :SEY, as the previous two, these comes with the two HUDs, Feet color change and the script deleting script HUD. The sandals this time comes with 7 variations. The one you see here is zebra two. I particular love these new design with the detail button on the toe which looks like a dragon on it.

Here is the style sheet:


Hat/Hair: [CheerNo]: THE COMMANDER hair/Surreal


Shirt: …Scars…: Smooth Drape cutsaw [Gray]

Shorts: [LeLutka]: MICHAEL pants/black

Sandals: :SEY: Tong / Male sandals/zebra1


Wristbands: CHANTKARE: Men’s – Colorgy Wristbands
Until next time,


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