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GIA Style Card// Baby Doll

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News @ 3:53 am on April 16th, 2011 by HarleyQuinn Constantine | 71 views

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Today I truly feel cute, with this babydoll look that is easy to pull off.

All you need is some bows, a big poofy dress, and even poofier hair to aquire this look.

The new white versions of   ” Tahiti ” came out at +++BlueBlood+++ in colors I dont see often as I should, so I decided to go with a cream colored dress, which the details are really extrodinary. It had all the babydoll look needs that I wanted : The ruffles on the bottom, sleeves that are primmed and knee socks with a cameo on each part. There is many different layers and styles to make this look your own and I really like sometimes going without pants, to get that pinup babydoll look, but that is another story.

I also got a blogger pack by  Beautiful Dirty Rich ” Roxanna ” hair, which is exactly a hair I never see around and I want to see more of. This hair not only screams babydoll look, but it screams ” The 80’s ” hair flashback which makes me smile since I missed all of my 80’s moments, because I wasnt born yet. The hair comes in many colors in arrays of natural colors: Blacks, blondes, reds, browns, and white.

Hair by: Beautiful Dirty Rich Roxanna

Outfit by: +++BlueBlood+++ Also comes in black copies

Collar by: Bad Juju

Eyes by:   Negaposi

Shoes by: A-BOMB

Hairpiece by: WishBox

Skin by: Heartsick ” Spirit” Cassis

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