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GIA Style Card // Back and Better than Ever

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day @ 1:34 pm on September 24th, 2011 by VBatriani | 60 views

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Good morning dear readers. It is me, Vi. Do you remember me? It seems like I have been away from Second Life for so long. And I have missed it and all of you. When we last spoke I had mentioned that I had a few RL things going on that pulled me away from Second Life. That and with having to purchase a new computer, I was away for so long. So much has changed in the last 6 months, like mesh! When I first came back I’ll admit, I thought it was a store. * laughs* But thankfully, I’ve gotten a bit better, my family’s gotten a bit better and also my computer. YAY. So here I am blogging for you. Join me on this journey as i try to catch up   to the Second Life Fashion.

While pondering what to make my  2nd *first* GIA blog about I decided to stop into Bliss Couture. I wanted to say hello to Amutey, Pleasure and many of my other friends that are  usually there. Upon rezzing, i first noticed that the store is the same stylish pink hue that Amutey has, no doubt,  married her brand to. While chatting and camming around I also learn that I had just missed the fashion show for Amuteys new fur line! Looking at all the outfits I’ve missed out on was depressing enough, let alone missing her new AMAZING fur lines debut! I wanted to *headdesk* repeatedly while chanting “why did you go away, why did you go away, why did you go away.” Long, painful story short, I manged to grab a few goodies from her new line.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this style card.



Jacket: *NEW* Ruffle Mini Coat from Bliss Couture. Creater Amutey DeCuir

Jeans:    *NEW*  Wendy Jeans from Bliss Couture. Creater Amutey DeCuir

Hair: *ITEM COMING SOON* Burnsie   in Caviar from Bliss Couture. Creater Amutey DeCuir

Skin:Ashley in Pale from Redgrave. Creater Emilia Redgrave.

Shoes: Bare Olivia (ColorSet) from Stiletto Moodys. Creater Stiletto Moody.

OOPS. It appears I made a mistake ( I am human after all ) The Burnsie hair from Bliss Couture isn’t out yet.   Sorry for the confusion everyone. It will be out soon. YAY.

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One Response to “GIA Style Card // Back and Better than Ever”

  1. Pleasure Babii says:

    Fabulous photo, welcome back Vi! ~ PB

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