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Hello again, nice to see you.

This is the first blog with my new shape from -SU- called “Elle” for 300L. For quite sometime I have wanted a new shape because I wanted an avi with a fuller face, I guess with this shape I get that and a bit more then I bargained for. This shape has everything I wanted fuller face, pouty lips and fuller legs, one thing I still can’t get over and maybe that is my downfall for buying a shape that is NO MOD…the eyes. For some reason I am on edge because of the eyes, not only do they seem a bit too squinty but I can’t see her eyecolor anymore.

Fun Fact::: My boyfriend appeared over me and was like ” Nice Cyclops.” Do I really look like a cyclops? (LOL)

I recieved a blogger box as I like to call it from Kazuo that had jackets and tier dresses in it, so I decided to go professional, be alittle different from what I normally do. I love love love the tier dresses they are smooth at the top, form fitting, then poof out at the bottom and are completely scandalous. The jacket I had alittle problem with and you can tell if you look at the picture, I dont know if maybe I didnt rebake enough but the jacket has a red line ( or whatever color you wear ) on the chest. A random red line, that kinda makes me sad specially since the jacket is super adorable with it’s puffy sleeves and such. It kind of makes it look like a scar which didnt bother me but it may bother potential buyers of the future.   The jacket and dresses come in a array of colors from the rainbow and then some other colors brown, nude, silver, black, white. So you can get basically any color provided.

Jacket and Dress by Kazuo

Shape by -SU-

Shoes by {Favole} ( They are from a halloween hunt )

Hair by Magika * NEW* Hana

Nails by RezIpsa Loc

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