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GIA Style Card // Chic Flick

Posted in Style Card @ 11:43 pm on January 13th, 2010 by admin | 55 views

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Hi all hope everyone is having a great hump day. Last week a presented an outfit which I found at Men Fashion Week fair and today, I will present another item that I bought at a different booth from there.

I have previously reviewed about the brand Cheerno and today's outfit started off with this red sweater I got from them at the MFW fair. The sweater itself is call chic sweater (lol). Now I usually turn away from stuff like this but this particular sweater I really loved. I have a few v-neck in my inventory now but nothing compare to this. The opening at the front of this sweater is much deeper than any other v-neck shirt I have had, and I like the little tag of the brand at the center of the sweater, showing off what I am wearing.

The jacket here is from Argrace call traveler, I got it back in fall season but I still love to wear it. I am a big fan of AIR and rika's work. The coat comes in 3 styles, you can either wear the overcoat by itself as I do here or it comes with 2 different v-neck of its own in red and black.

The pants I am wearing here are from valiant. Note that these are really low rise. And when I mean low rise, I do mean low but for those who doesn't like that, it also comes with a normal version

The belt this time is also from Argrace, it was part of the tailor jacket which was one of their latest releases it comes with resize script for easy fitting. As for the shoes, this time I did not take a separate picture for them as what I am wearing are only the foot parts of the hoorenbeek's boots which were given out as a gift from the anniversary of the Le.Look sim.

Last but not least, the hair I am using is call Hibiki from UncleWeb Studio which I recently went over and cleaned out the store. Just a heads up for you boys and girls out there, I been to the store many times now and I have to say that if you have a hairstyle you like, buy it because as far as I know, the prices of the store have gone up a few times since I first visited the shop, just a friendly reminder for all of you to not have to pay extra in the future and regret it.

A side note, as the sweater is name chic sweater, the curiosity was killing me to see how it looks on a girl so I went around skin and shapes store looking for a female shape demo and a skin to try it on, and the result wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It was still a pretty decent look so girls can also give it a try.

Here is the style sheet:
Hair: Uw.St: Hibiki-Hair type-B size-L brown
Coat: *ARGRACE*: COAT ” Traveler” (black) Men
Sweater: [Cheerno]: Chic.Sweter Red
Jeans: *Valiant* : low rise soft pocket blue jeans
Boots: Hoorenbeek: LE.LOOK! l’homme — Boots type B (No longer Available)
belt: *ARGRACE*:Leather Belt (M) resize script

That's all for today's style, I hope everyone find it useful.

Until next time


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