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GIA Style Card // Concert Night

Posted in Style Card @ 12:48 am on January 6th, 2010 by admin | 22 views

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Hello everyone, First of all let me say Happy “Late” New Year. Having taken last week off, I spent time with my family and friends and it was really relaxing. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as well.

Recently I went to a rock concert of a band which my friend is the guitarist. We use to play together back in High school but after graduation with university and part time jobs, I stop chasing after the dream of one day becoming a rock start while he went on and succeed.

Today's outfit is dedicated to this friend of mine, even thou he is not part of second life. I really think he will enjoy my look.

first of all and most importantly is my guitar bag. The guitar bag is from Sey which the store I have previously reviewed. There are 3 bags available each comes with 2 position of carrying. One on the back and one held by hand. The 3 bags each comes with a texture changing script which changes between 5 different textures and the hand held version of the bag comes with 5 poses. In the above picture I am showing 2 of the textures available in the same bag.

The jacket here is from grasp. I remember it was launch two days after I got my black camo hoodie from them which I posted in my Wild Pattern outfit and you can imagine how I was kicking myself about it but it never hurts to have them both I especially like the fur lining of the hood and the details on the buttons of the jacket and as all grasp products, the signature prim skull was located on a very visible spot. The shirt I am wearing under is a Christmas group gift from SAIKIN, this shirt comes with a sculpted waist and belt which I am not using for this outfit the pants I have on are from Devol, which I have been trying to get for a long while. There are 4 designs available with both normal and rolled up version with a looser or tighter fit according to your need. I personally had to modify this a little so they can fit into these great boots I am having.

These gorgeous boots I have had my eyes fixed on them since I can remember on SL. They are from Tonktastic, a brand that sales mostly military theme products, these boots comes with resize script, texture changing in 4 layers sound on different speed, volume and types which means is not like most shoes which you only hear the clacking noise, they have different types of step sounds and all these are accessible through the blue drop menu. I have said that the best shoes I have are the UBU drunks before on another post, well these are in my opinion, the best combat boots I have come across so far. Now the price is a little high (859L$) but it is worth with the combination of texture changing it has, you will find it fitting countless outfit you want to make.

On this second picture I am showing again the guitar bag from Sey in yet another texture and also the deka logo belt from sey which I previously blog with my down jacket look but this time, is without the deka logo. The texture is touch changeable just like the guitar bag. The necklace I am using is the latest group gift from Grasp which comes together with the ring I showed in Wild Patterns and the Glasses are from FKNY

This time I choose to use a variation of my usual skin. Just to give it a more mature look. The skin is still Jonas tan, only is a 3-EE and not the 0-E I usually use. The hair is from the 7R line by Uncle Web Studio. Lot of people told me I should not get this one when I was trying on demo, but I really like it, it looks wild, and just what I needed to complete this look.

Here is the style sheet for today's outfit:

Hair: Uw.St: [Uw.7R] Rush-Hair size-L Meteoric
Skin: -Belleza-: Jonas tan 3-EE (bald)
Jacket: +grasp+: Fur trim hooded jacket/Brown/mens
Shirt: SAIKIN: V neck shirt black snow (Group Gift)
Jeans: .:::: dEVOL ::::.: Jeans01 Rollup *emblem (Modified)
Boots: Tonktastic: Long Combat Boots
Glasses: FNKY!: Aviator III Glasses (Gun Metal)
Necklace: +grasp+: Skull Necklace/mens (Group Gift)
Belt: :sey : D.L.Belt (Without Logo)
Guitar Bag: :sey : GuitarBag/B (Texture change and 5 stand with hand held version)

Well once again, thank you all for reading my post and until next time.


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