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Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 12:57 am on June 28th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 33 views

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Hey guys, how was your weekend? I hope everyone is well rested and ready for the beginning of a new week. As I was going through the stuff in my inventory, I came across something I got about a month ago which I never got the chance to post up and after digging in further, I found more stuff which I can use to match into what you see here as my outfit today.

As usual starting from top to bottom, The item I just mention above is this jacket from +grasp+, it came out at the end of May. This jackets as all of +grasp+ comes with detail sculpt parts and it comes with two collar attachment options, with the pockets or without them (The one you see here is without pockets). The sleeves come with the pockets on the upper arms and it the jacket also have Epaulets. It is available in Black/Brown/Camo/Navy/Olive/Red for both men and women

To match with the camo jacket, I dug out from my inventory this tank top from the store TonkTastic, for those who did not follow my old blog post, the store specialize in dystopian theme products including body armor, clothing, footwear and all kind of military related items. This tank is one of my favorite from the store, its call Asian Fighter comes, in all layer which helps when you want to wear another layer on top such as blood, or dirt effect on the body. The shorts are one of my earliest purchase from +grasp+. These layer shorts come with 5 prim objects for attachment (waist, front pockets with cuffs for both legs and back pockets on each leg)

As for shoes, I do have some color changing sneakers that I can switch into camo to match the jacket and shorts but before I started looking for them, I found these new items from another great store I shop regularly, :sey. Since it is summer, I do prefer sandals over sneakers and to not buy these is just a crime against my principals. These newest releases of sandals are simply one of the best out there when it comes to details. Not only do they have prim feet but if you look closely, you will see the shadow of the sandal on those feet, this model comes with 3 color option, black, white, and como (como? Yes, is not a typo, at least not on my end…) each color comes with 2 pair of sandals with invisible prim which hide your foot entirely, or the normal version but don't worry, the invisibly prim which hide your foot is linked to the sandals themselves so you don't need 4 attachment points to wear them. The product also comes with a color control hud which let you change to virtually any skin color and with 15 nails color option and it has resize option on a blue drop down menu when you click on the hud, but different from the normal ones, this time, it works separately and not both feet at the same time, that is not all. As many are aware that the more script in a sim, the harder you lag, so to help on the matter, these sandals also comes with a script deleting hud which will delete the script control once you have finish adjusting it, Just make sure you have made a copy from the original before you do so in case you need to change adjustment in the future. Although they say these sandals are for men, I am sure it should work find on girls to as you reduce the size of them to fit your needs.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair: [Uncleweb.7R] : Aj-Hair Oriental brown


Jacket: +grasp+: Cargo jacket/camo/mens

Tank Top: TonkTastic: Asian Fighter

Pants: +grasp+: Layered cargo shorts/Black+camouflage

Shoes: :SEY: zipline /Male sandals/como


Necklace: *LacieCakes*: Tagged Silver (mens) Guns

Hairgom: ARAI: hairgom

Poses: BeScene

Until next time,


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