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GIA Style Card// Dark Water

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I love to explore and I love to swim. When I feel the cold crisp water on my skin I feel like nothing can break me, I am invincible. This look is based on the rougher things that people say maybe girls shouldn’t be.

My idea of a tough girl is a girl who can embrace her sexuality and strive to be the best person she can possibly be. Returned Karma has created a belt from the upcoming hunt Zombie Killers starting May 1st that features many things to kill those pesky Zombies. On the belt there is treasures like rope, grenades, pouches of variety and tiny ankh’s to make the belt dark and mysterious. BAM take that you zombie!

I also decided to put on face make-up by Sorry.Asia called ” Tribal” which comes in 3 different colors: Black, Red and White. Simplicity is my key factor and I love how they didnt go over the top with tribal makeup, it is clean and beautifully simple. One line down each side of the face and one on the bridge of the nose makes it look dangerous and ethnic.

The last thing about this look that I have fallen in love with is the tattoo, I personally never wore much tattoo’s in SL because I could never find one that wasn’t guady or so much packed on that I couldn’t tell what the overall look or outcome would be. I was taking a chance opening this pack from KOSH and let me tell you it was perfect. A double back and front tattoo of ” Flocking Birds” that comes in so many layers and light to dark scale that you will never have to worry about fitting it to your look.

Tattoo:: KOSH

Skin: Cupcakes

Lingerine: +DV8+

Belt: Returned Karma

Hair: * RezIpsa Loc *

Makeup: Sorry.Asia

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