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GIA Style Card // For the Love of Music

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 9:59 pm on April 10th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 17 views

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Hey guys! Today I am presenting to you another great style. Now I put this style together a while back now so there is nothing new here but I it is one of my favorite so far and as well as for those friends of mine who have seen it. I wasn't going to blog about this style since my selfish self wanted to keep it to myself but as my first post after I had to make my flickr account pro, (T.T) I decide to show it to you all as to commemorate this historical moment XD

For those of you who spent a lot of time on youtube (Don't know why but people here tend to get online just to surf youtube for no reason…) You might remember the video where I got the idea of these outfit from but ofcourse, I added a few details of my own to it.

The Hat and Jacket are from Argrace. I have previously blog about this hunting hat in another style, it is as all Argrace hair/hat style, comes with a resize and recoloring script inside. As for the Jacket, this is one of my earliest purchase from the store. It comes with sculpt body and collar as well as sleeves and you can wear it in 3 different ways, as a jacket with a black v neck shirt underneath as shown here, the jacket only, or as a vest. The item comes in 6 colors for men, and 10 for women.

As for the pants, I am using the ones from the previous blog post, The nakedtree RockersPick casual jeans but this time, I am working with the prim cuffs which I didn't show previously. The shoes are my old drunks from Urban bomb unit, textured completely in Gold.

As for accessories, I choose the aviator III in gun metal texture from FNKY. Now while these extremely looks good in picture, you are warned that this are not detail sculpt prim glasses, so it might not look so nice in world but still great for pictures none the less. And the leather bracelets from grasp which I think are the best free store gift they have come out with and these are also the ones that have been available at the store for the longest time. Some other gifts have come out afterward and has been taken down but these bracelets still stays on.

Last but not least, my headphones. These are from boon. No no, not boom, boon they are two different stores. The product comes in several patterns as well as this one with solid color which comes with a color changing script with 9 colors available. Note that if you can't get the blue menu when you click the headphone, click and hold down for a second or two, it will pop up. Each set of these comes with 2 headphones, for the neck as you see on the style picture as well as for the head.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*: Hunting – Natural Wavy – Dark brown


Blouson & Shirt: *ARGRACE*: *Leather Blouson* Men (Brown)

Pants: The NakedTree: CasualJeans [RockersChoice]

Shoes: (Urban Bomb Unit): Drunks


Glasses: FNKY!: Aviator III Glasses (Gun Metal)

Headphone: booN: headphone plain

Bracelets: +grasp+: Leather Bracelets

Until next time,


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