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Gia Style Card // G Field

Posted in Featured News, Style Alert, Style Card, Women Fashion @ 11:05 am on April 26th, 2010 by linnda.scofield | 15 views

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Hi everyone, today i gonna suprise you with some nice shoes. A fashion addicted like me is always sniffing arround sl, read blogs and like to get tips from friends 😉
I went down to a store named G Field and well i was surprised with all the things i saw.

Today i presenting you the G Field Short Lace-Up Boots (soon i will show you some of there outfits also).
These cute short boots comes in many many colors. You will pay only 190L$ for 1 pair isnt that amazing. For the Black and White version you will pay 220L$ because they have a side/sole color change option.
With all the boots you can choose a shoelace/eyelet color changes, so you can style and matched the boots with anything you like. You can choose if you use the skirt or the pants version.

The boots can also be bought in 3 different package and then you will only pay 580L$ for one pack wich will have 5 different boots in it.
*GF* Short Lace-Up Boots -5 basic pack- black, brown, camel, grey, sand
*GF* Short Lace-Up Boots -5 colorful pack- blue, moss, plum, red and rose
*GF* Short Lace-Up Boots -5 Pastel pack- aqua, melon, pale rose, white, wisteria

These boots also support viewer 2 Users.

So rush down to G Field and grap those boots!!!

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One Response to “Gia Style Card // G Field”

  1. Ziki Questi says:

    I completely agree! I picked up a few pair of these G-Field boots last week and I love them! And they’re very inexpensive to boot (haha) … The fat packs are reasonably priced too.

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