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GIA Style Card // Game On

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 6:53 pm on April 11th, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 13 views

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Hey guys! For those who still haven't notice, the Make Him Over Hunt 3rd edition is still on and running and today I am presenting to you another one of the great hunt prize you will find in it among all the other great stuff, this bright yellow hoodie from Connors. As many of you might notice, I am not a really bright color person, but this hoodie was just too good to miss out on. The item comes with sculpt hood and sleeves. The sleeves are a bit hard to fit but it should be no problem if you are able to fit previous items I have showed here at the blog, the hood on the other hand is a bit easier to work with as it comes with a resize script. I particularly like the idea of the prim strings on the hood as mostly I see these “hand draw” on the jacket layer on many hoodies out there and I am not a big fan of such.

The pants you see here are from dEVOL. These jeans I originally got at the beginning of the year for doing a magazine shot and there are now, one of the most used pair of jeans in my inventory. These are part of a series by dEVOL which is name Jean01. The pack, if you should choose to buy so, comes in 4 different style, emblem as shown here, number, paint, and plane. Each comes with 2 types of length and of course, the prim cuffs. The pants layer comes in both pants and underpants and are both mod enable for in case you need the adjustment. I picked these emblem ones because I really like the actual RL logos on the jeans, is not something like the others I have seen with made up brands and logos.

The shoes are PRO_SPEC from 2REAL. I have already mention them once too many time in past blog post so I will save you all from the boring reruns and just say, if you don't have them, GO GET THEM NOW! These you see on these picture are set to complete gold texture, not sure why it has some kind of patterns on part of the texture but it doesn't look all that bad. I particularly like these kind of shoes (together with the UBU Drunks and The 2REAL PURE) cause most my real life sneakers, I got them from NikeID which lets me recolor or texture the shoes like I want it to.

The necklace is from fairy tail which is part of a series joker I have mention before to you all. It is also available in a choker type necklace and a ring.

And here is another great new item I found recently at Argrace, the reversed baseball cap. The baseball cap have been one of the best items of the collection from Argrace, and it is widely used in the past. These new version keeps the same quality with the usual resize and re-coloring script. The cap currently comes with 2 style of hair or cap only, shaggy as seen here, curly and cap only. But so far, the reverse cap series is only available for men, not sure if there will be a women series so we will all have to wait and see.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*: Baseball Cap/Back – Shaggy – Dark brown


Jacket: *Connors*: MHOH3 HOODIE

Pants: .:::: dEVOL ::::.: Jeans01 *emblem [men]



Necklace: [fairy tail]: JOKER BonBons

Until next time,


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