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GIA Style Card // Go Green

Posted in Style Card @ 10:59 pm on December 23rd, 2009 by admin | 15 views

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Hello everyone~ Happy holidays!!! It is the holiday's season, and a lot of designers are being very generous with advent calendars, group gifts, shop gifts, and many more, Gifts are just pouring down from every corner! This week I will be presenting some of the gifts in the outfits.

The first one of the week is this outfit in green. The gifts here are the green jacket from Cheerno, and the shoes from Hoorenbeek.

The coat comes with 5 prim parts, both upper arms, forearms and the collar and lower body. The body prim of the jacket comes in 2 versions, one with an AO which contains to standing poses and one without such features. All prim parts of the jacket comes with a resizing script which helps in fitting

The shirt underneath is from Zanzo, I chose it because of the color and I really like the skull design. The shirt has 2 prim sleeves which I am not using here in the picture. The scarf is from Aoharu, it is compose of 3 prim which 2 are flexible so it will move around when you walk. The pants are from the store Sweetest Good-Bye as part of the school boy outfit. The pants you see here are from the indigo+red set.

As for the shoes, these are also a Christmas gift from Hoorenbeek. The shoes come with resize script and the gift pack came with ten colors of them.

The skin I am using here is Miguel from Belleza and this is actually the first skin I got in-world, my original look (lol). The hair here is Hoke-Troika from Gritty Kitty. I saw them at first when I was looking around and came across a shape call Edward by a Japanese creator. Unfortunately she never replied to my question about this hair so it took me a very long time to search for it. Another thing I regret is that the hair only fits on head size 45, no resizing script available or resizing thru edit. But none the less, the hairstyle is very good.

Here are the details to the style:

Hair: Gritty Kitty: Hoke-Troika – brown
Skin: Belleza: Miguel SK 0-E (bald)
Coat: Cheerno: Vento Jacket GreeN (Store Gift)
Shirt: Zanzo: Apocalyptic Paradise tee
Pants: Sweetest Good-Bye: School Boy – Indigo+Red (Pants) (Part of Outfit)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek: SL Balance – Brown/Beige
Scarf: Aoharu: BT_SimpleScarf_Black(Male)

I hope that everyone enjoys this style card and I hope to see you all on my next post.


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