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GIA Style Card // HIM

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 10:00 pm on May 2nd, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 14 views

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Ok, so for tonights second outfit, I wanted to present some other new items I found at some stores I shop regularly at..

To start it off, I want to present to you guys the new zip up “shirt” from sey. Now this is not actually worn as a shirt, but like a waist decorative item. The item is unisex, it has a resize script in it. it comes in many different size for the prim parts to allow you for different use and it has 2 options, wear it with a clothing layer, or a full sculpt prim item as you see it here in the picture. And right now if you buy the fatpack at the store, you get a 20% off the original price.

Secondly the jeans shorts I have on. These are the double waist demin shorts from grasp and I still have my doubt as on why the double waist but then again, I really like the idea of the pattern leggings which each of the pairs of shorts comes with 3 of them. There are also 3 different texture of demin available at the store and they all come with prim cuffs which are editable and also the bottom waist line of the shorts is a prim part which I am not using here as the zip up shirt is already covering the part.

The other products I have on are mostly from my inventory such as the shoes from 2REAL which I simply can't get tired of wearing as I can simply change the texture and make it so that it will work with any outfit. The shirt I have on is from Aitui which right now I don't recall when and how I got them but it is a pack with lots of color varieties available in all 3 layers of the upper body. As for the beanie and hair, it is a free item I got from Avoid during the last Make Him Over Hunt. One of the best item I got from this last edition.

The necklace you see here is from Mandala name Takayama. There are a series of different color available for both men and women and each comes with 2 different styles, with or without shadows and each option comes with the chest and spine attachment point respectively.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: [Avoid] : Blake – Onyx (MHOH Gift)


Shirt: Aitui: HIM Baseball Tee Red

Shirt around waist: :SEY: Maki2 zip up/Street gray

Shorts: +grasp+: Double waist denim shorts/Painted/mens



Necklace: [MANDALA]: TAKAYAMA necklace/male/black/C/with shadow

Until next time,


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