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GIA Style Card // Just Dance

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Hey guys! Besides of the pose fair which is going on at the moment, there are actually other events going on right now on the grid, and those are hunts, For those unfamiliar with the concept, hunts are the gathering of a list of shops and designers which decide to put out one free product, mostly exclusive, and hide it in a package within the store which you will have to find. Today's outfit contain an item from one of these hunts, the 3rd edition of the Make Him Over Hunt.

So let's begin from head to toe, the hair and hat you see here is the gift from store # 31, Casa Cheerno. The hair is build with flexi prim and the hat is composed of detailed sculpt prim as well as amazingly realistic texture. Need to remind you guys that this hair will need to be worn with a skin that has hair base.

Next thing to present is the hoodie, this one is from sey which is not a new product but yet very well done. It comes with prim hood, sleeves, and also a front pocket. The next item is the newest product from devol, These baggy pants are fully prim and it comes also with a prim belt which has the bags on the back. The pants comes in 2 colors, Brown and Black.

As for accessories, The necklace is the joker choker from Fairy Tail which I got from the accessory fair, there are also another necklace and a ring which I have blogged before in a matching set. The wrist bandana is from FIR which was a gift and is no longer available.

As for the shoes, I am using the The Drunks by Urban Bomb Unit. These shoes are the first pair of color changing shoes I have got a long time ago, and still are one of the most used pair I have in my inventory.

Here is the style sheet:


Hair/Hat: [CheerNo]: Hair SOLDIER Special [Brown] (MHOH3 GIFT)


Hoodie: :sey: hoodie sta-jan/B-C*

Pants: .:::: dEVOL ::::.: Military pants

Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit: Drunks


Wrist Bandana: *FIR*: SIMPLE Shamrock Wristband

Necklace: [fairy tail]: JOKER choker type

Until next time,


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