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GIA Style Card // *KPD* Easy Casual To Formal Wear

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The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event.   You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?   ~J.B. Priestley

Yes, finally the first layer of snow has fallen in the little USA city that I live in. I look out of my window and I see a fairy tale. A  flood of memories engulf me. I remember when I was kid, building forts and having snowball fights, too-cold fingers, runny noses and moms hot chocolate. All very fond memories that I think a lot of us hold close and will always cherish. * dreamy sigh * To be care-free again. But there is, atleast, one upside to being an adult. The fashions, of course! ….  


Like the Fortune Snow Lion, I’m showing you today. Designed by Kathrin Pearl, This versatile outfit includes 3 different wearing options. Its designed, to go from casual to formal, in a snap. ( or should I say double click, haha )   Spending your day at the office? No sweat! Kathrin has that covered with a feminine knee length pencil skirt. ( not shown  ) And once you finally finish your work, slip into the mini skirt on the way to happy hour.  Feeling good yet? Great, I thought so! Its time for your big date tonight. The Fortune Snow Lion will be sure to make an impression with its beautiful floor draping skirt. 3 great  styles in 1 outfit.  


And if you thought that was already a bargain. Hold onto your seats! Kathrin is including a pair of her A La Diva Heels in a matching Snow Lion color.   Thank you for such generosity Kathrin. Matching skin is  fun with *KPD*’s unique HUD. Just slide the color indicator around untill you get the perfect shade.  OR, choose from one of many presets and even the ability to enter in your  RGB Values.  *KPD*’s A La Diva Heels are also sold independently. So if you like these as much as I do, make sure to pick up a few of your  favorite colors. I’ve paired this outfit with the    Le Dora skin also by designer Kathrin Pearl.  


Vi ( who thinks just because Im adult doesn’t mean I can’t still have some snowball fights! Who’s with me?! )  


 ^ As long as it doesnt turn out like this guy. ^ :S  

Style Card:

Outfit: *KPD*Fortune Snow Lion By Kathrin Pearl

Skin: *KPD*Le Dora Tanned Pale 04 By Kathrin Pearl

Shoes: * included * *KPD*A La Diva Heels Snow Lion By Kathrin Pearl

Hair: 3636 Hair Ida By dianny3636 Aeon & W&Y 18 By yukitan Farrjones

Accesories: Kalnins Kalnins Sunglasses – Bravia By Maris Kanto, Mandala TAKARA Bangle + IROHA Earring By kikunosuke Eel & Donna Flora CHANTAL By Squinternet Larnia

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