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GIA Style Card // Laundry Day

Posted in Featured News, Male Style, Style Card, Style of the Day @ 10:37 am on January 31st, 2010 by Alan Tamatzui | 19 views

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Hey guys, so I finally finish with the work for the magazine and we all hoping to see the new issue really soon, can't wait to see the result of the little project I have in mind… So with all the styling this month, really tiring… I wasn't really in the mood of dressing up, so what I did is close up everything in my inventory, and put on the most casual outfit I have. My new laundry day hoodie.

This new hoodie is the one I showed earlier from Reek. The hoodie comes in many colors and patterns and if you have the fat pack, you will see that the HUD it comes with is really handy as you can mix and match the patterns or colors of the hoodie's prim parts. Pay attention that the color change within reach of the prim parts can be set to more than one color or pattern. In this picture, I showed that as the prim parts of the body and the sleeves are set to black but the elastic lining of the hoodie is set to grey. Also the hood on the back can be set to 2 colors as well as the pockets set to a color which is different from the rest of the body prim. The products also has, as most hoodies, 2 prim hoods, one up and down, in this case, also texture and color changing through the HUD provided.

The shirt I have under the hoodie is a broken off piece from the set of the down jacket with sweaters set from Aoharu. It comes with prim sleeves if you choose to where it alone.

The jeans are from Zaara, these are the same one from my anti-valentine outfit, usually I wouldn't blog them again so soon but the prim cuffs I didn't show last time, I wanted to show it this time. Notice that I did not Photoshop the prim cuffs of the pants here and I don't know you, but I can't see the connecting line between the prim cuffs and the pants texture later and that is something I have not come across before.

As for the belt, I choose to use the extra vintage belt that came with the Aoharu vintage jeans. This has a resize script making it much easier to fit and not need to go into edit and stretch which sometime ruins the product.

The shoes here are the new 2REAL PRO SPEC. they are another must have if you ask me. The shoes similar features to some well known sneakers from another brand, it comes with a resize script that opens when you click on them and it also has a color changing HUD which can toggle individual parts of the shoes. I got to say the combinations are amazing. I was sitting at home the other night doing nothing but just making different combinations of these shoes and so far I have 13 pairs with me.

As I said in the beginning, as this is a casual look, I didn't want to get all fancy with my hair so I am using the free hair style from UncleWeb Studio call Reed.

Here is the style sheet:
Hair: UncleWeb Studio: Reed-Hair size-L mesh black 04 (Store Gift)
Jacket: REEK: Laundry Day Hoodie – Black
Shirt: Aoharu: BT_InnerShirt (Part of Outfit)
Jeans: Zaara: Classic jeans for men *indigo*
Belt: Aoharu: BT_VintageDenim_Belt

I hope my laundry day outfit was relaxing enough for all of you as it is for me

Until next time,


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