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GIA Style Card // Lillou’s Designs 50% off Sale?!?!?!?!

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Bonjour readers! Hoping you all had a fantastic weekend. I know I did.

Lillou has slashed prices on everything on  the  second floor of her store! As if I needed another reason to spend every last Linden there! Today I have 2 outfits to show you. One is a  new release  and another is priced half off! I  brought lots of pictures  so without further ado, lets begin.

First up, Pamela. Pamela  to me is sleek  casual style. I absolutely adore this new creation. The outfit is available in a rainbow of other colors but I decided to  choose Caramel because i love the soft warm color.   As you can see from my picture Pamela  is a stylish 3-piece pants outfit. The pants are long and lean, flared just slightly at the bottom to fit over your shoes. The scoop neck bodice is adorned with ruffles around the   neck belly and arms. Lillou  completes this outfit with a great  feminine hat.   I didn’t get a picture of this better ( and I’m sorry, I should have ) but the hat reminds me of a blooming flower. The petals open up and in the middle long feathers are attacked. Pamela will be a great addition to your fall must have collection.

Of course, for something so high quality I had to style Pamela with high quality shoes also. I choose  none other than  Purrfect 10. You all know I am such a big fan of 10’s shoes. The textures are truely high definition. The shoe designs themselves are unique but still practical for everyday wear. A hard  skill to accomplish in Second Life.And of course, not to mention I love the idea of being able to change this shoe completely to black, or mix and match the original color with black pieces. Customization is the best way to stand out in a crowd where everyone is beautiful. These beauties I’m wearing are called Gemini. They are in chocolate. I highly recommend stopping in the Purrfect 10 store and trying these on for yourself.

I used Whistle necklace and earrings from PIMALOT  to make this style fabulous. Whistle has a great mixture of  edginess to it that makes it simply stunning. The texture change option is great. Something PRIMALOT is know for. Whistle is completely customizable to match any outfit you have.   A great recommendation.

Finally, I show you Eugenie. Eugenie is also  created by Lillou Merlin. You can find this outfit on the second floor for 50% off.

Eugenie is a great work of art. Its classically glamorous and available with two skirting options. I am showing you the fishtail option. There is also a long train option. Eugenie, is no doubt, very fashionable.




*NEW*Pamela – Caramel from Lillou’s Designs. Creater Lillou Merlin.
Hair: MODEL HAIR 8 from W&Y. Creator yukitan Farrjones.
Skin: *LIMTED SALE at TDR* Terry Autumn from YS & YS. Creator Monicuzza Babenco.
Shoes: Gemini in Chocolate from Purrfect 10. Creator Ten Dexler.
Jewelry: Whistle from PRIMALOT.


*50 OFF* Eugenie – Red from Lillou’s Designs. Creator Lillou Merlin.
Hair: Darlene Hair from Bliss Couture. Creator Amutey DeCuir
Skin: Leona in Tan from Redgrave. Creator Emilia Redgrave.

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