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GIA Style Card // Man in Fur

Posted in Style Card @ 4:50 am on December 16th, 2009 by admin | 26 views

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Hello everyone, happy hump day. Today we continue with another outfit for you to stay in fashion and to keep yourself warm in-world.

There was a time, where women were not allow to wear pants, men are the only ones who work outside of the house in between many other rules in society about the difference in sexes back then fur coats were an object of luxury only for the rich and famous females, high class society members. As time pass by, the hierarchy of the sexes and social classes starts to disappear, now we also see men wearing fur coats out in public and today's outfit, I present to you one of them, the Yeti Coat from Muism. The brand is not new to Second Life, some of its well known products are the Leather bomber jacket, UK Rock N Rolla, etc.

The yeti coat is a long fur coat, I prefer this coat over some of the others out there because it is a full prim item, every part of the coat are compose by a prim part just like the Down jacket from Gabriel I have previousely posted. This makes the jacket puffier and thicker looking, more like the real jacket.

The shirt underneath is a V-neck tee also from Musim. I choose the white color for such because it is always easier to mix and match the colors black and white with any other clothing. The shirt comes with prim sleeves which are not shown here in the picture. Also I chose the white v-neck because I decided to use a pair of leather pants. These pair of leather pants are from Grasp and they comes with prim cuffs.

As I have said before, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories, for this outfit, I choose to use fur lining in my accessories to match the coat. The belt here is from Sey, it comes with two options, with or without fur. The belt also has a key chain with feathers on the side and the texture pattern on it is exceptional. The Boots are also from Grasp, for those who might recall my first post with GIA, GIA Style Card // Winter Fashion: Trench Coat, they are similar from those for that outfit, but if you look closely, these boots are completely retextured and the lower legs part now are with laces, feathers and a fur lining on the top. The pair you see here is in color silver but they also come in brown and black. The glasses are from FKNY it comes with a full script to change the style of the lens. Finally, the necklace was my birthday gift this month from my best friend in-world, it comes in two versions, normal and full bright and they are from Mandala.
The hair I have is from UncleWeb Studio. This particular style is the second of the two that was promotional together with last week's style at a mall, and if you haven't notice, I have a tattoo on from Kanival Tattoos.

Here are the details to the style:

Hair: UncleWeb Studio: Derick-Hair size-L brown wolf
Tattoo: Kanival Stylish Fashion: 79. Tribal Half

Coat: Muism: Yeti coat/Misty
Shirt: Muism: Deep V Tee/White
Pants: grasp: Leather Pants/mens/02
Shoes: grasp: Fur trim leather boots/Silver/Mens

Necklace: Mandala: LUCK Necklace Brown
Belt: Sey: CLP.belt[fur]=medium=
Glasses: FNKY: Aviator III Glasses (Gun Metal)

I hope that everyone enjoys this style card and I hope to see you all on my next post.


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